Why did Mary Drake kill Jessica?

According to Peter, Drake asked him to help her get revenge on Jessica for lying about Charles having committed suicide in order to seclude his sex change. When he refused to assist her vendetta, she poisoned Jessica with Peter’s medication.

Who did the liars kill?

Aria is responsible for killing Shana, who had plans to kill her Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Alison to avenge her lover Jenna. The liars were responsible for the accident that caused Jenna to go blind. When Shana attacked, Aria reacted by striking her with a gun.

How did Ali get the scar on her thigh?

Cyrus admits to kidnapping Alison and holding her hostage. He gave Alison the scar on her thigh. He has several aliases and has been arrested half a dozen times. He was severely burned at work by ‘A’, whom he knows as ‘Varjak’.

Who is Cece Drake’s father?


How did aria kill Shana?

Aria accidentally bludgeoned Shana to her death in New York City after mistakenly thinking she was A, and it’s just like, Aria. We know Shana was threatening to kill Allison, but, like, control your American Psycho urges.

Does Veronica know Spencer is not her daughter?

In one of the most heartbreaking moments in Pretty Little Liars history, Veronica confirmed that Mary Drake is Spencer’s biological mother on PLL’s Season 7B premiere “Playtime.” Spencer confronted her mother right as she came home from abroad, and Veronica told Spencer the entire story.

What did Ezra whisper to Aria in the hospital?

‘A’ Is Revealed! Just when we thought she was at the hospital — so that’s Ezra whispered to Aria — she shows up at the theater and guns down the girls!

Who did Spencer hit with the shovel?

Bethany Young

Did Melissa try to kill Spencer?

One is Melissa Hastings, who drugged Aria and was working for “A”, while the other is Darren Wilden, who murdered Garrett and attempted to kill Spencer….Queen of Hearts.

Queen Of Hearts Real Identity: Darren Wilden
Enemies: Aria Montgomery Emily Fields Hanna Marin Spencer Hastings Paige McCullers

Do the Liars go to jail?

In the penultimate episode of season five, not only was Ali DiLaurentis found guilty of murder in the first degree, but the rest of the Liars — Spencer, Aria and Emily — joined Hanna in prison when they were arrested as accessories to Mona’s murder. Has “A” finally won? Not so fast.

Who is the father of Melissa Hastings baby?

Portrayed By: Taylor Thomas was Melissa Hastings and Ian Thomas’s unborn child. Melissa announces she is pregnant in “The New Normal”. It is later revealed that Taylor was a girl.

Why was Alex Drake A?

She is also the cousin of Alison DiLaurentis. Alex wanted to avenge Charlotte’s murder, and believed the Liars knew who did it which pushed her to become the infamous Uber A.

Was Melissa part of the A team?

The A-Team members revealed are CeCe, Mona, Toby, Spencer, Sara, Lucas and Melissa. The current known members of the A-Team seem to be Big A and Melissa. It is later revealed that the members are CeCe Drake and Sara Harvey. It was implied in “A Dark Ali” that Melissa was one of “A’s” workers.

Why was Charlotte Drake A?

During the fourth-season episode “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, CeCe is revealed to be Red Coat. In the sixth-season episode “Game Over, Charles”, Drake unmasked herself as Big “A”, and revealed that she was born male and underwent gender reassignment surgery.