Why do human go to war?

For some, the element of human nature that leads to war is an innate aggressive drive or instinct. Others see war as resulting not from aggression per se, but rather from human greed, irrationality, or group-forming tendencies.

Why do we fight?

One of the reasons behind the fight is whenever human being feel threatened about their lives or livelihoods they prefer to protect it and they choose to fight for it, usually human beings prefer peace but when they get threatened about their lives or about their people they choose to stand for it.

How do I win an argument with my mom?

If you’re ready to start winning arguments and getting more of what you want, for good, follow these simple tips.

  1. Show Your Evidence. If you really want to persuade your parents, you’re going to have to present some cold hard facts.
  2. Be Confident. Confidence is key.
  3. Stay On Topic.
  4. Be Calm.
  5. Listen.
  6. Test Out Your Argument.

What was first human?

Homo sapiens

Why does my mom always fight with me?

Clashes like these are very common between teens and parents — teens get angry because they feel parents don’t respect them and aren’t giving them space to do what they like, and parents get angry because they aren’t used to not being in control or they disagree with the teens’ decisions.

What if there was no war?

Without war, individuals would still die from accidents, homicides, suicides at a normal rate, but it’s easy to see how the end of war would at least marginally effect population levels around the world.

Can we live without conflict?

Conflict is an inescapable reality of being human. One cannot be human without being in conflict, which means every human community is – by definition – inescapably caught within a cyclical network of battles, struggles, wars, and disagreements. Conflict is life, and life is conflict.