Are Dr Sturm products worth it?

That’s because hyaluronic acid draws in moisture (like, a lot of moisture) to give your skin a hydration boost without feeling sticky, greasy, or heavy. Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum is worth the money, especially considering there’s so many beneficial hyaluronic serums on the market for a fraction of the cost.

Is Dr. Barbara Sturm a real doctor?

Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor, widely renowned for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments. Dr. Sturm began her medical career in orthopedics as part of the team that developed cutting-edge treatments for inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis.

Does Dr. Barbara Sturm use retinol?

At Dr. Barbara Sturm we believe in rejuvenating and healing the skin by helping it fight inflammation and supporting it with strong antioxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients. Thus, we do not recommend combining our products with Retinol.

Is Dr. Barbara Sturm overpriced?

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum is undeniably expensive, and the results are more long-term than immediate. But if you want to treat yourself, the ingredients are proven to result in firmer, healthier skin.

Is Barbara Sturm a clean brand?

Unlike much of the conventional medical community, Sturm is adamantly clean and nontoxic in her approach to topical products. She maintains that anything that causes inflammation—from potentially toxic synthetic chemicals to deep, skin-abrading lasers—works against healthy skin.

Who is Dr Barbara Sturm owned by?

South East Asian fashion retailer FJ Benjamin Holdings (FJB) has recently expanded into beauty with the addition of cult skin care Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics to tap into the growing demand for skin care amid COVID-19.

Who owns Dr Barbara Sturm?

Sturm’s own family—a Brady Bunch mix she shares with her second husband, lawyer Adam Waldman (who’s also her company’s executive chairman)—includes five children, ranging in age from 4 to 23 years old.

What’s better retinol or vitamin C?

Well, when it comes right down to it, the choice is really in what you’re looking to do for your skin. While vitamin C is incredible for the skin because of its ability to help brighten and improve hyperpigmentation, the best active ingredient for wrinkles is retinol.

Why you should not use retinol?

While certain side effects, such as mild irritation, dryness, and sun sensitivity are normal as your skin adjusts to the active ingredient, intense flaking, redness, and burning are not—and those with especially sensitive skin, or who struggle with conditions like rosacea or eczema, should be wary of retinol or shy …

Is Dr Barbara Sturm a dermatologist?

Barbara Sturm, the Dermatologist Who Saved Bella Hadid’s Skin, Opens New York Store.

Where are Dr. Barbara Sturm products made?

When I asked Dr. Barbara Sturm where their products are manufactured, they told me: “Our products are manufactured in Germany.”

What is Barbara Sturm’s skincare line?

She’s also known for her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments and her namesake skincare line, Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics. The line is formulated for those who want a simple skincare regimen that addresses common skin concerns such as dryness, inflammation, and skin-aging.

Who is Barbara Sturm and why is she famous?

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Sturm, you may have heard about the “vampire facial” she developed, made popular by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. She’s also known for her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments and her namesake skincare line, Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics.

What is Dr Barbara Sturm cleanser good for?

Looking more closely at Dr. Barbara Sturm products as an example, products like the Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser were designed to become skincare staples to help ensure that your skin remains clear and receptive to the active ingredients that you layer on after cleansing.

Which Dr Barbara Sturm serum is right for You?

Bottom Line: Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum is ideal for those with red, irritated skin due to its blend of soothing botanical extracts. Dr. Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum is said to instantly give the complexion a more even glow while simultaneously reducing visible signs of pigmentation.