How do I autofill a range in Excel VBA?

How to Use AutoFill in VBA?

  1. Range (“A1”): What are the cells to identify the pattern of the fill series.
  2. Destination: Till what cell you want to continue the fill series pattern. Here we need to mention the full range of cells.
  3. Type as xlAutoFillType: Here we can select the series fill type.

How is autocomplete feature different from AutoFill?

Autofill is a software function that automatically enters data in web forms and spreadsheets. It should not be confused with autocomplete or autocorrect, which perform separate functions. Autocomplete finishes words or phrases while typing, and autocorrect automatically fixes spelling mistakes.

How do I AutoFill multiple columns?

Method #1: Ctrl + D Click in the cell with the data and, keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag to select the rest of the cells in the row or column that you would like autofilled. Release the mouse button. Press Ctrl + D (the Ctrl key is held while the D key is pressed) and the cells are filled.

Is AutoFill a macro?

AutoFill is a great tool in Excel when data is repetitive or if it is sequential (like days of the week, dates, months of the year etc). We would normally fill the first couple of cells with data required, and then use AutoFill to copy the required data down to a selected range. This can all be done using a VBA macro.

What is autofill variable in Excel?

AutoFill ( Destination, Type) expression A variable that represents a Range object. The cells to be filled. The destination must include the source range. Specifies the fill type.

How do I use a macro to autofill a VLOOKUP?

The Macro should select the first cell with the vlookup (AY2) and autofill the complete range in the column AY until the last row that contain data in the cell next to it (Column E). Column E is the cell that the vlookup refers to. The situation looks like this:

Is there a VBA code to auto fill the formulas?

Currently, I have some VBA code to auto fill the formulas in columns AE:AH whenever more data is posted into the sheet. I am attempting to future proof it and make the range more dynamic in case we were to add more formulas. Here is the current code. So for example, currently formulas are in columns AE:AH.

What are the requirements for an autofill destination?

The destination must include the source range. Specifies the fill type. This example performs an autofill on cells A1:A20 on Sheet1, based on the source range A1:A2 on Sheet1.