How do I report inappropriate parking?

You can report the offence by telephone to our Contact Centre 020 8921 4339, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 020 8854 8888 at all other times.

How do I report illegal parking in NJ?


  1. Illegal Parking and Enforcement.
  2. Parkmobile.
  3. Residential Digital Permit Parking FAQ.

Is Nuisance parking illegal?

Nuisance parking is considered the act of parking on private land or property without having consent to do so. A parking charge notice can be issued against the vehicle concerned, the owner is liable to pay the charge.

Is it illegal to park on private property?

There is no legislation for parking on private land. The protection of Freedoms Act 2012 placed a ban on vehicle clamping and removals on private land without lawful authority. In addition, there are also parking areas where particular local laws (called bye-laws) have been created that provide for parking enforcement.

What to do about intimidating Neighbours?

  1. if your neighbour is aggressive or unreasonable, leave the discussion.
  2. if you think you’re in danger or your neighbour threatens you with violence, contact the police and report it to us.
  3. if the police are involved, always ask for the crime number – this is important when we carry out further investigation.

How do I stop someone parking on private property?

Ticketing is the most effective method when it comes to stopping people from illegally parking on private land. It is the only real option that can be considered and acts as a fantastic deterrent.

What is considered harassment by a neighbor?

California’s Code of Civil Procedure 527.6 defines harassment as a credible (real) threat of violence and acts of unlawful violence. For such actions to be considered harassment, the violence and/or threats must seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone, and there is no valid reason for it.