How do I sync Microsoft Domain Controller with ESXi time?

vSphere Web Client

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client with administrator credentials.
  2. Click on Hosts and Clusters.
  3. Select the ESXi host from the list.
  4. Click Manage > Settings.
  5. Expand System and select Time Configurations.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Enter the Windows server Domain Controller(s) information.

How does VMware time sync with host time?

Time synchronization is advisable because it prevents clock skew between the host and its guest virtual machines. To synchronize time: Right-click the virtual machine you deployed from OVF and click Edit Settings > Options > VMware Tools. Under Advanced, select the Synchronize guest time with host option and click OK.

Do domain controllers sync time?

Context and Best Practices. By default, all computers and devices on a domain synchronize system time using the domain hierarchy. Domain members synchronize time with domain controllers, which in turn synchronize time with the domain controller running the PDC emulator role.

How do I turn off VMware time sync?

To disable one-off time synchronization in a VM, launch vSphere Client, go to Edit Settings → VM Options → VMware Tools → Synchronize Time with Host, and deselect the checkbox Synchronize at startup and resume (recommended).

How does domain controller sync date and time?


  1. Make sure that the Windows Time service is set to Automatic and that it is running.
  2. To sync the time with the domain controller, run the following commands in an administrative command window: w32tm /resync. net time \\DC /set. Where DC is the full domain name of the domain controller.

How do I sync my domain controller with Internet time?

Type w32tm /config /update On DCs, this interval defaults to between 64 and 1024 seconds. To immediately synchronize with the external time server, type w32tm /resync and press ENTER. You should get a message that the command completed successfully. Type Exit and press ENTER.

Which method can a vSphere administrator use to automatically synchronize time on an ESXi host?

Use the esxcli hardware clock get command in the ESXi Shell. The vicfg-ntp command. E. Configure the VMware Tools time synchronization.

How do I disable time sync with domain controller?

To disable synchronization, run Regedit.exe, go to branch HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\VMICTimeProvider and change the value for the Enabled parameter to 0.

How do I synchronize time between domain controllers and VMware vSphere hosts?

There are two models for time synchronization between virtual Domain Controllers and VMware vSphere hosts: Disable time synchronization between virtual machines and the hypervisor to avoid a virtual Domain Controller to pick up bad time settings when the hypervisor is not synchronizing time properly.

Does VMware Tools time synchronization work with vCenter Server appliance?

If you decide to use native time synchronization software, vCenter Server Appliance VMware Tools periodic time synchronization is disabled, and the reverse. You can set up the vCenter Server Appliance to use VMware Tools time synchronization. [Read more]

Why is my ESXi/ESX host clock not synchronizing with the domain controller?

An ESXi/ESX host configured to use a Microsoft Windows 2003 or newer Domain Controller as a time source never synchronizes its clock with a default configuration.

How do I synchronize time between ESXi/ESX and Active Directory?

Configure ESXi/ESX to synchronize time with the Windows server Active Directory Domain Controller: Connect to the ESXi/ESX host or vCenter Server using the vSphere Client. Click the ESXi/ESX host in the inventory. Click the Configuration tab. Under the Software heading, click Time Configuration.