How do you get the specimen 115 in Crossy Road?

Specimen 115 can be unlocked with the Prize Machine for 100 coins or purchased for $0.99 (or the equivelant currency).

What is the Forget Me Not in Crossy Road?

Forget-me-nots, also called scorpion grass, are a type of flowering plant, which is why there are flowers in both games. The flowers can be pink, blue, white or yellow, and have yellow centres. Unlike the Crossy Road flowers, forget-me-nots have five petals.

How do you get the cow in Crossy Road?

The Cow can be obtained for 100 coins on the Prize Machine or purchased for $0.99.

How do I unlock Moonrock?

Moon Rock cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine because it is a secret mascot. To unlock it, the player should play as one of the Space Update mascots and be hit by one of the rocks in the meteor flow as seen in the gallery . Meteor flows occur while standing on special platforms available only in the space terrain.

What does the Grablin unlock?

Grablin is a character from the game Clicker Heroes. Grablin is used to unlock Purple Bloop. When the Grablin (or Purple Bloop) drowns, the splash of water is blue, despite the river itself being orange.

Can you touch a Moon Rock?

The lunar Touchrock is one of the most popular objects in the National Air and Space Museum. WITHIN NASA IT IS KNOWN AS sample 70215, 84. “It” is the lunar Touch Rock, one of only three samples returned by the Apollo astronauts that the public is allowed to feel with their bare hands.

How do you get Andy sum?

To unlock him, the player must use the Mallard (Andy’s favourite character) and must score 85% or greater of your current high score, or get to the point where it says, “Great score” when the player finishes their run.

How do you unlock Archie in Crossy Road?

You’ll need to buy or unlock Archie first, and start playing as him. As you hop along you’ll notice burgers along the side of the road. Land on one, to eat it. You need to eat about 30 (across as many different attempts as you want).