Is Tempe Town Lake still closed?

Tempe Town Lake – Hours 5 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Can you bring alcohol to Tempe Town Lake?

Maximum depth 18 feet. RULES Swimming, wading, glass containers, and littering are prohibited. Alcoholic beverage permits required. City of Tempe annual boating permit required (call (480-350-5200).

What happened at Tempe Town Lake?

An 18-year-old reportedly drowned at Tempe Town Lake overnight. According to the Tempe Police Department, officials were called to the lake around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to investigate a possible drowning. Police say 18-year-old Jacobi Walker reportedly jumped in the water on his own and could not be located.

Is Tempe Town Lake Gross?

Tempe Town Lake
Surface area 224 acres (0.91 km2)
Average depth 16 ft (4.9 m)
Max. depth 19 ft (5.8 m)
Water volume 977 million US gallons (3,700,000 m3)

Is Tempe Town Lake reclaimed water?

These variable inflows have come to constitute a significant source of makeup water for Tempe Town Lake. When inflows are not sufficient or dry periods persist, Tempe can utilize supplies from CAP or NCS or exchange reclaimed water to maintain lake level and make up for evaporation losses.

Can you have picnics at Tempe Town Lake?

Picnics are more fun in private so that’s why we love to go to the “Ten01” Park located on Tempe Town Lake. If you go to the north side of the lake, and take the bike path east past Rural Road, you’ll find this little hidden gem park wrapped along the sidewalk.

Is Tempe Town Lake man made?

Constructed in 1997, the Tempe Town Lake is a small man-made reservoir that transforms a section of the typically-dry Salt River bed into a 224-acre lake in the heart of Tempe, Arizona.

Where is Tempe Town Lake located?

Tempe Town Lake. Tempe Town Lake is located in the heart of Tempe, running from west of McClintock Road to east of Priest Road between Rio Salado Parkway and Curry Road. A system of paths allow people to walk, jog, bike and more along its edges. It’s also a great place for electric, wind and human-powered boats.

What is the history of Tempe Beach Park?

Tempe Beach Park, like Tempe itself has had a long and storied history. It has changed, adapted and arguably readapted to its environment, each time achieving a greater level of success than the time before. Tempe Beach Park has been the main gathering place for Valley residents and visitors since its development in the early 1920’s.

What to do in Tempe AZ?

Stop by the Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge, Tempe Center for the Arts or just look at the artistic lights on the light rail bridge. Tempe Town Lake is Arizona’s second-most visited public attraction.