Is JL Audio Made in China?

Miramar-based JL Audio is expanding its manufacturing operation as it adds more workers to its assembly line and withdraws from manufacturing in China. Miramar-based JL Audio plans to do more manufacturing back in the USA.

Is JL Audio and JBL audio the same?

Both brands operate in much the same marketplace in the US. JL Audio is a smaller company that manufactures automotive and Marine speaker systems and high performance powered sub woofers. JBL is a part of Harman International which is itself now a part of Samsung.

Is JBL a good subwoofer brand?

Is JBL A Good Subwoofer Brand? These subwoofers offer superior sound quality and sound quality that is unmatched by any other JBL speaker system. For those who want to install their own subwoofers, JBL Performance Car Subwoofers are a great choice.

Is JBL a good brand of amplifier?

They are solid amps, well designed, put out rated power+, and in my opinion good looking.

Why choose JL Audio?

They also are our specialty. From the diminutive d108, to the awe-inspiring Gotham®, JL Audio’s in-room powered subwoofers have received the highest accolades from audio reviewers and demanding audiophiles around the world.

Why choose JL Audio C1&C7 amplifiers?

From the amazing value of the C1 line, to the absolute sound quality statement of our C7 components, their details have all been engineered to make great audio in your car. JL Audio’s amplifier engineering team is second to none in the 12-volt business, and the designs they produce are testament to their skill.

Why JL Audio stealthbox®?

JL Audio’s Stealthbox® products have been at the forefront of the vehicle-specific subwoofer category for over two decades. We carefully engineer every Stealthbox®, with an appropriate JL Audio subwoofer driver so that it fits and sounds just right in the vehicle it is intended for. Check to see if your vehicle is on our list. Perfect look.

What is the JLINK™ system?

The JLINK™ system is suitable for full-range audio or subwoofer signals. “If it weren’t just a subwoofer, this would be a national treasure – or a secret weapon.”