Is Toxicroak good competitively?

Toxicroak’s Dry Skin ability makes it a great candidate for backup sweeper in the Rain. Thanks to its ability, Toxicroak regains 1/3 of its maximum HP at the end of a turn – essentially nullifying Life Orb damage when used in tandem with Drain Punch. It’s ability also makes it a great counter to Rain teams in general.

Is Toxicroak a special or physical attacker?

Holder’s attacks do 1.3x damage, and it loses 1/10 its max HP after the attack….Swords Dance.

Type Dark
Category Physical
Power 70 BP
Accuracy 100%
Priority 1

What is Toxicroak based off of?

poison dart frog
Toxicroak is a dark blue and teal, bipedal Pokémon resembling a poison dart frog.

Why is Toxicroak so good?

Toxicroak sports a unique Fighting/Poison typing, with below-average bulk, and excellent meta-relevant coverage. Overall Toxicroak is still a very solid Pokemon in the meta, and largely demands player skill and experience to perform well.

What’s the best nature for Croagunk?

We recommend the Jolly nature as the best nature for Croagunk and Toxicroak. They have pretty good speed, but the extra boost will let them outspeed Pokémon, which is crucial.

Is Croagunk a special attacker?

Fake Out allows Croagunk to hit a Pokemon twice before they attack once….Mixed Priority Attacker.

Type Fighting
Accuracy 100%
Priority 1

What Fighting moves does Toxicroak learn?

Egg moves

Move Type Acc.
Bullet Punch Steel 100
Counter Fighting 100
Cross Chop Fighting 80
Dynamic Punch Fighting 50

Is Toxicroak good for raids?

Toxicroak is a Tier 3 raid boss in Pokémon Go. Being a Tier 3 raid boss with a 4x weakness, it is easily soloable by high-level trainers and low-level trainers can look to beat it effortlessly with a team of 2-3 trainers. Toxicroak is a pretty viable Pokémon in the Great League and to an extent, in the Ultra League.

Is Drapion good ultra League?

The level 50 update increases Drapion’s performance in Ultra League, allowing it to reach the 2500 CP cap while increasing its IV optimization for more bulk stats. Access to Aqua Tail is a great option to deal unresisted damage to other Dark/Poison Pokemon like Skuntank or Alolan Muk, giving Drapion an advantage.

What is the best nature for Drapion?

A Jolly nature is chosen to enable Drapion to outpace Moltres, Rotom, and Toxicroak, and to ensure it Speed ties opposing Leafeon, Houndoom, and Arcanine. In practice, though, many Arcanine choose to use either an Adamant nature or a Jolly nature with defensive EVs, which means Jolly Drapion will outpace almost all Arcanine.

Is Drapion a scorpion Pokemon?

It is known as the Ogre Scorp Pokémon. Drapion is a purple, scorpion-like Pokémon. Its body is segmented and it stands on four pointed legs. It has two large claws at the front, the tips of which release poison, and a similar large pincer on its tail. It can rotate its head 180 degrees.

What’s a good switch-in Pokemon for toxicroak?

Nidoqueen is also an acceptable switch-in, though it is also weak to Ice Punch. Drapion isn’t quite such a safe bet, but is faster than Toxicroak, can survive one Cross Chop, resists Sucker Punch, and can KO him easily with Earthquake.

Is Espeon a good move for toxicroak?

Choice Specs Espeon works particularly well together with SubPunch Toxicroak, as with Trick, it can lock the likes of Registeel and Chansey into one move, making them much easier for Substitute Toxicroak to set up on. It can also dry-Baton Pass out to Toxicroak from these threats, giving it a free turn to Substitute.