What causes capillary malformation?

A capillary malformation β€” sometimes called a “port-wine stain” β€” is a kind of birthmark that looks like a flat, red-pink stain on your child’s skin. Capillary malformations are vascular malformations caused by dilated capillaries (small blood vessels) in the skin that enlarge and darken as a child grows older.

What is a capillary malformation?

Capillary malformation (CM) is a type of vascular anomaly, which is an anomaly or disorder of the vascular system, either in veins or arteries. CMs are commonly known as port wine stains. They look like a pink, red or purple patch of skin and occur in 1 in 300 newborns.

What causes cloves syndrome?

CLOVES syndrome is a nonhereditary disorder caused by a somatic (body cell) mutation in a gene known as PIK3CA. Mutations in this growth regulatory gene result in two sets of cells within the body (mosaic status): those with the mutation and those without the mutation.

What is the treatment for capillary malformation?

Laser therapy with the pulsed-dye laser is the standard treatment for capillary malformations on the face. A goal of treatment is to prevent lesions from thickening over time. Another goal is to lighten the capillary malformation. Many lesions lighten significantly after multiple treatments.

What causes capillary telangiectasia?

The exact etiology of these telangiectasias, however, remains unclear. It has been postulated that telangiectasias are acquired lesions, caused by other underlying venous anomalies. This would explain the frequently found presence of an associated vein at autopsy [2].

Is CLOVES syndrome life expectancy?

β€œThe Syndrome was first described in 2007 as CLOVE syndrome by a team at National Institute of Health but Boston Children’s Hospital expanded the acronym to include the ‘S’ for scoliosis and/or spinal anomalies, giving us the name ‘CLOVES Syndrome,’ ” she explained via email. Life expectancy is not known.

Can CLOVES syndrome be cured?

There is no cure for CLOVES, but a team of health care specialists can help families manage the conditions and symptoms it causes.

What are the symptoms of Sturge Weber Syndrome?

Symptoms of SWS include:

  • Port-wine stain (more common on the upper face and eye-lid than the rest of the body)
  • Seizures.
  • Headache.
  • Paralysis or weakness on one side.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Glaucoma (very high fluid pressure in the eye)
  • Low thyroid (hypothyroidism)

Is Parkes Weber hereditary?

When Parkes Weber syndrome is caused by mutations in the RASA1 gene, it is sometimes inherited from an affected parent. In these cases, the condition has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance. Autosomal dominant inheritance means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder.

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