What does drive line serviced mean?

If your vehicle is vibrating or shaking, especially at high speeds, starts making strange noises at high speeds or you feel resistance while making tight turns, then you need to get your driveline serviced. One of the most common reasons for driveline service is worn or broken couplings.

What is a drivetrain service?

FIRESTONE DRIVETRAIN REPAIR SERVICES The drivetrain spans the length of your vehicle, from the engine, transmission and to the axles. Common maintenance services related to the drivetrain include changing the differential fluid, clutch repair, driveshaft replacement, and replacing axles and CV joints.

What is driveline in automotive?

The driveline is comprised of a collection of components in a vehicle that transfers power from the transmission to the wheels. These components include the driveshaft, CV joints, the differential, the axle shafts and the U-joints. The differential is where the power makes its last stop before spinning the wheels.

What is a driveshaft service?

Drive shaft repair or replacement is necessary to be carried out. This is to bring your vehicle to working order. A driveshaft that is completely broken is unable to transmit torque to the wheels. In other words, this means that the vehicle will be immobilized and is unable to move.

What does all wheel drive service mean?

The Service All-Wheel Drive message can appear in the driver information center (DIC) when your vehicle is having an issue with the all-wheel drive (AWD) system. If the DIC displays this alert, stop your vehicle as soon as possible, turn it off, and turn it back on again.

How much does it cost to fix a driveline?

In most cases, a new drive shaft costs somewhere between $300 and $1300. Fortunately, it only takes about an hour to replace it. A repair usually costs much less, around $200 to $300 including parts and labor, but this also depends on how many parts need to be replaced.

How much is a drivetrain repair?

While differential repairs like seal or gasket replacement are usually not very expensive, they can run in the $100 to $200 range. Major repairs, like bearing or gear replacement can cost between $1000 to $3000 dollars, depending on vehicle size and manufacture.

How much is a drive shaft repair?

Can I drive with AWD malfunction?

If any malfunction occurs in the AWD system while the engine is running, the warning light will come on. If the warning light blinks rapidly during operation, stop the vehicle with the engine idling in a safe place immediately. Then if the light turns off after a while, you can continue driving.

What is a driveline repair?

It is comprised of the driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials and joints – all parts commonly referred to as the drivetrain. These components work together to steer the vehicle. Driveline repairs can become necessary when there is physical or structural damage, wear and tear, rusting, or breakage to any component of the system.

What is the driveline of a car?

The driveline (or drive shaft) of your vehicle is a combination of several parts that are separate from the engine and transmission. It is comprised of the driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials and joints – all parts commonly referred to as the drivetrain. These components work together to steer the vehicle.

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How do you know if your car needs a new driveline?

Entire driveline replacement is more common with older vehicles. You may need driveline repair or drive shaft balancing if your vehicle seems to shudder when you step on the gas. You may also hear a loud, hard noise when shifting your vehicle. This indicates there may be an issue with the joints.