What does SCP 3935 do?

SCP-3935, otherwise known as “This Thing A Quiet Madness Made”, is a mysterious anomaly located at a high school in Salvation, Indiana. Unexplained phenomena continues to happen there, from the disappearance of several students, to the unveiling of ancient tomb, and even ghostly entities that haunt the halls.

Which SCP is a child?

SCP-040, known under the alias “Evolution’s Child” is an anomalous human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation.

Does SCP stand for?

Secure, Contain and Protect
SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect.

Who is SCP 027?

SCP-027 appears to be a phenomenon of unknown source that seems to be tied to one human subject (currently 027-02) at a time. As host to SCP-027, subject 027-02 is constantly surrounded by swarming vermin that are drawn to his location. the longer the subject remains in a location, the more vermin will gather there.

What SCP is the little girl?

SCP-053, also known as the Young Girl, is a Euclid class object contained by the SCP Foundation. She is capable of basic speech and appears to be slightly above average in mental development.

What is the forgotten baby SCP?

“Forgotten Baby” was found in a hospital. And it was abandoned at that time. In the hospital, a fire broke out [REDACTED] to some accident and it was closed forever after that. It is also said that the Forgotten Baby can be found in the [REDACTED] ward of the hospital for a long time.

What are the SCP classes?

But there are 5 official classes. Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumiel, and Apollyon. As a note, any SCP that’s anonymous, sentient and/or sapient is generally classified as Euclid, due to the inherent unpredictability of an object that can act or think on its own.

What happened to the students of scp-026 after the school closed?

Several have been identified as former students or faculty of the school who disappeared after the school shut down (in at least one case, more than ten years after the closure). It is currently unknown how they were transported back into SCP-026.

What is scp-026?

SCP-026 is to remain securely locked and boarded up at all times when there is no research ongoing. Alarms are set to alert the Foundation in case of entry by civilians or other agencies. SCP-026 is a three (3) story public school building built in????. It has two (2) wings connected to a central foyer.

What is SCP 026-B?

Note 026-B: The contents of notepads, books, and pieces of paper have been observed to disappear, only to reappear on surfaces within SCP-026. New writings have appeared, mostly drawn from graffiti or text-books. Caution should be exercised in bringing documents onto the grounds of SCP-026.

What should I do if I am exposed to scp-026?

Caution should be exercised in bringing documents onto the grounds of SCP-026. Note 026-C: Several class D personnel exposed to SCP-026 have disappeared from Foundation control, only to reappear inside the anomalous building. The subjects in question had previously complained of dreams identical to those experienced by Agent Malek.