What does VCV mean police?

VC and CVC are abbreviations for “Vehicle Code.” California’s Vehicle Code is a collection of all state statutes relating to the use, registration, and ownership of motor vehicles.

What is a KSO in police terms?

There are two losers brought in for questioning: a guy (Frederick Koehler) with a rap sheet — or a KSO, for “known sex offender,” in the police lingo that is sprinkled throughout the script for flavor — and Leto’s seemingly squeaky clean yet creepy prime suspect, who keeps a police scanner in his apartment and has a …

What is the abbreviation for police officer?

Acronym Definition
PO Police Officer
PO Portugal (Including Azores Island & Madeirais)
PO Postal Order
PO Phone Order (medical)

What does the abbreviation police stand for?

Public Officers of Law,Intelligence,Crime and Emergency. Governmental » Law & Legal. Rate it: POLICE.

What is PC and HS?

PC breakfast/lunch. After breakfast and lunch. AC HS. Before meals and at bedtime.

What does ASL mean in police code?

ASL: Age/Sex/location. CD9: Code 9- it means parents are around.

What does CSP mean in police?

Chief Superintendent of Police. The rank of the Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) is given to the police officer in charge of a department of the police force command of a state.

What does VCB mean police?

Visual contact broken
VCB: Visual contact broken.

What is the salary for PC in Tamilnadu?

Average Tamil Nadu Police Police Constable salary in India is ₹ 2.6 Lakhs for employees with experience between 4 years to 9 years. Police Constable salary at Tamil Nadu Police ranges between ₹ 2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.5 Lakhs.

What is AC and HS?

What TID means?

three times a day
three times a day —used in writing prescriptions. History and Etymology for tid. Latin ter in die.

How to contact SAPOL in an emergency?

Dial Triple Zero in an emergency. Dial 131 444 for non-urgent police assistance. Make an enquiry or complete the feedback survey via our online form. The feedback survey is used to tell SAPOL about a recent experience using our services. SAPOL’s mobile app is a portal for important SAPOL services and information.

How do I find a police station in SAPOL?

Find the locations and phone numbers of police stations by using the map or listing here. Otherwise you can download SAPOL’s app to find your nearest station on your mobile device. Contact your local police station first to find out if the service you need is available and at what times. Services may include: firearms licence and registrations

What is SAPOL doing to tackle arson and fires?

Police are tackling the twin threats of arson and fires ignited by reckless or negligent behaviour as part of Operation Nomad. Read about what SAPOL is doing and what you need to know to stay safe.

How do I contact the SAPOL media section?

All media enquiries should be directed to the SAPOL Media Section, telephone (08) 7322 3848 or email [email protected] Community Services Band of SA Police (08) 8207 4106