What is AADL?

AADL was first developed in the field of avionics, and was known formerly as the Avionics Architecture Description Language. The Architecture Analysis & Design Language is derived from MetaH, an architecture description language made by the Advanced Technology Center of Honeywell.

How do I get AADL medical equipment and supplies?

You must first be assessed and authorized to receive AADL benefits. AADL cannot refund clients who purchase their own medical equipment and supplies before being assessed and authorized for the equipment and supplies. Your authorizer will provide you with a list of at least 3 vendors, or you may choose your own from the list of approved vendors.

What are the different sections of the AADL program manual?

The manual is broken into sections for easier reference. The AADL program manual is broken down into categories. Approved product lists are also available. Medical / surgical (ostomy, catheters, syringes, disposable incontinence): Manual M and Medical and Incontinence product lists

What does AADL provide for incontinence treatment?

AADL provides funding for clients with moderate to severe incontinence requiring the use of medical grade diapers at a minimum of three products per 24 hour period (minimal of 180 products per two months). Refer to the AADL Incontinence Product List at: