What is BP so?

The abbreviation BP on your bank statement means you’ve made a bill payment. You might also see an extension of this, BP/SO, which stands for bill payment and standing order. This means you’ve paid a bill by standing order. BGC – Bank Giro Credit.

What is OTR transaction?

Outgoing Transfer (OTR)

What does FPO mean in banking?

A follow-on public offer (FPO), also known as a secondary offering, is the additional issuance of shares after the initial public offering (IPO). Companies usually announce FPOs to raise equity or reduce debt.

What is sort code HSBC?

Bank Name : Hsbc Bank Plc Hsbc Bank Plc-National Sort Code 10 Branch Sort Code 401100 Details. Branch Name. National Sort Code 10. Sort Code. 401100.

What does BCC mean on a bank statement?

Abbreviations we use in alerts

Abbreviation Description
BCC Connect card payment
BGC Bank giro credit
BP Bill payment
CHQ Cheque

What does PCM mean on bank statement?

PCM – Payments and Cash Management.

What does OTR mean NatWest?

Non Dividend Counterfoil. OTR. Online Banking Transaction. POS. Point of Sale/Debit Card Transaction.

What is POS on a bank statement?

A Point of Sale transaction occurs when you use your Visa Debit card to purchase goods or services at any retail outlet that facilitates card payments.

What are the abbreviations on my bank statement?

Below are the most common abbreviations for transaction types that may be shown on your bank account statement. ATM RFD – ATM Refund. BAC – Automated Credit. BGC – Bank Giro Credit. BSP – Branch Single Payment. C/L – Cashline/Cash machine. CDM – Cash & Deposit Machine.

Do you have a list of statement abbreviations?

Do you have a list of statement abbreviations? 1 ATM RFD – ATM Refund 2 BAC – Automated Credit 3 BGC – Bank Giro Credit 4 BSP – Branch Single Payment 5 C/L – Cashline/Cash machine 6 CDM – Cash & Deposit Machine 7 Charge – Previously displayed as CHG 8 CHP – Payment by CHAPS transfer 9 CHQ – Cheque 10 C/R – Credit Remittance

What are abbreviations in measurements?

Abbreviations are also necessary for measurements for cooking and baking – after all, your cake won’t come out very well if you don’t know the difference between: tsp or t – teaspoon/teaspoons. tbs, tbsp or T – tablespoon/tablespoons. c – cup/cups. gal – gallon.

What is an abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a written word or phrase. Abbreviations may be used to save space and time, to avoid repetition of long words and phrases, or simply to conform to conventional usage. The styling of abbreviations is inconsistent and arbitrary and includes many possible variations.