What is the average time for 800M run?

800-meter Run Test

Rating Time (minutes/seconds)
below average 3’31” – 3’45”
average 3’16” – 3’30”
above average 3’01” – 3’15”
good 2’46” – 3′

What is a good high school 800M time?

A good time will be anything under 2:20 to even get into the JV heats. (For males, for females it’s around 2:45–2:50) and to win those JV heats the time for males is around 2:10 and 2:35–2:40 for females. On varsity to even make the roster you need a time of around 2:10–2:15 for males and 2:30–2:40 for females.

Was Marita Koch on steroids?

According to the sources, Koch did use the anabolic steroid Oral-Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) from 1981 to 1984 with dosages ranging from 530 to 1460 mg/year.

What is the women’s 1500m world record?

1500 metres

Athletics 1500 metres
Women Faith Kipyegon ( KEN ) 3:53.11 (2021)
World Championship records
Men Hicham El Guerrouj ( MAR ) 3:27.65 (1999)
Women Sifan Hassan ( NED ) 3:51.95 (2019)

What is a good 800m time for college?

Men’s Track and Field Recruiting Standards

400m 47.5-51.0 49.0-54.0
800m 1:52-1:58 1:57-2:05
1,600m 4:15-4:30 4:30-5:00
3,200m 9:10-9:45 9:30-10:15

What is a good 3200 meter time for a freshman girl?

If you can run a 5:00 minute 1600, you should be able to run a 2:15 800. You should also be able to run a 10:45 3200 with somewhat ease when you’re all out.

Is Jarmila Kratochvilova a woman?

Koch and Kratochvílová are the only women who have broken the 48 second barrier in a 400-metre laned race. Her 800-metre world record is the longest standing track record in men or women’s athletics, and was described by 1996 Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova as “..

What is the world record for the women’s 800m?

Hence, Sebastian Coe’s record at 1:42.4 was rendered as 1:42.33 from that year. The first world record in the women’s 800 metres was recognized by the Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale (FSFI) in 1922, which was absorbed by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 1936.

When was the first world record in the 800M set?

The first world record in the men’s 800 metres was recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 1912.

What is Catriona Bisset’s 800m record?

Australia’s Catriona Bisset has broken her national 800 metres record at a track and field meet in Poland, recording the fourth fastest time in the world this year. Key points: Bisset posted a time of 1:58.09 to finish second in the 800m final in Poland

What is Carley Thomas’800m time?

Promising Australian junior Carley Thomas was eighth in 2:01.01. The only Australian track record older than Rendina’s 800m time is Peter Norman’s 200m mark of 20.06 seconds which dates all the way back to the final at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.