What is the point of a chest harness?

A chest harness provides a rearward pull to the shoulders to prevent a slumped forward posture but can limit forward reach and blocks anterior trunk movement.

What is a wheelchair strap?

Wheelchair Straps provide safety and security while traveling on your wheelchair. This provides comfort for both wheelchair users and caregivers.

What are wheelchair tie downs?

Tiedowns (or Tie Downs) Whether you use tiedowns as one word or two, wheelchair “tie downs” are the straps and hooks that connect wheelchairs to the floor of a vehicle. Some people also refer to these as wheelchair restraints. These are most often used as a 4-point tie down system.

When securing a wheelchair where should the rear straps be hooked first?

Turn off the wheelchair power. Attach the wheelchair straps to the wheelchair at 4 points. Attach the straps along the wall first. Then attach the straps along the aisle.

When securing a wheelchair using the 4 down 3 around method What do you secure first?

Attach the wheelchair straps to the wheelchair at 4 points. Attach the straps along the wall first. Then attach the straps along the aisle….

  • Always use a 3-point system to secure the student.
  • The occupant restraint system can be attached in several ways:
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where should you secure the wheelchair tie down clips in a vehicle?

Floor anchor points for rear tiedown straps should be located directly behind the rear securement points on the wheelchair. Front tiedown straps should anchor to the floor at points that are spaced wider than the wheelchair.

What is a wheelchair lateral support?

SPEX Wheelchair Lateral Supports. Wheelchair lateral trunk supports are also known as laterals, lateral supports, lateral thoracic supports, and trunk stabilizers. They are rectangular or square shaped devices that mount to the back posts of the wheelchair and rest against the user’s trunk to increase the user stability and balance.

What is a wheelchair chest harness?

Wheelchair Parts. A wheelchair chest harness is designed to promote proper positioning for the upper trunk of the body while seated in a wheelchair or transport wheelchair.

What is a wheelchair cushion?

Wheelchair cushions are cushions specifically designed to provide comfort and protection against injury for wheelchair users. They also aid in properly positioning the user in the correct posture. Wheelchair users are at great risk for pressure sores.

What is a wheelchair belt?

A wheelchair belt is a safety device meant to provide safety to those who have the tendency to slide out of their wheelchair. For those with bad posture there are chest harness wheelchair belts to help keep the back in a good seating position.