What is the Samson law?

In 1998 Samson’s Law was passed, raising fines for the poaching and/or possession of any animal considered trophy-class to as much as $25,000.

Who killed Samson in Estes Park?

Randal Francis
Tragically, on November 11, 1995, Samson was killed by a poacher named Randal Francis, a then 35 year old Lakewood, Colorado man looking for a trophy elk. He killed Samson with a single arrow from a crossbow fired near a cabin at the entrance to the YMCA of the Rockies.

Is thermal imaging legal for hunting in Colorado?

(2) (a) Unless otherwise provided by commission rule and except as provided in section 33-6-107 (9) for persons owning or leasing land, members of their family, or their agents, it is unlawful for a person to utilize electronic night vision equipment, electronically enhanced light-gathering optics, or thermal imaging …

What time is legal shooting light today Colorado?

1. Legal Big Game Hunting Hours. Legal hunting hours for big game are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, unless specifically restricted. The sunrise/sunset chart at right lists times for Denver.

Where are the biggest bull elk in Colorado?

the White River National Forest
According to John Ellenberger, big-game manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the White River National Forest is the state’s elk mecca. “Our largest herd is the White River elk herd, found in the northern half of the White River National Forest–north of Interstate 70,” says Ellenberger.

Why are there so many elk in Estes Park?

Estes Park falls in the “winter range” of the elk, which is also the range where the happenings of mating season occur annually. Elk head to their “winter range” in order to compete for the right to breed with a herd of females. The street signs and buildings haven’t been enough for them to alter this tradition yet.

Can you carry a pistol while hunting in Colorado?

You may carry a handgun with you during the act of hunting for personal protection but that is the purpose. There is no specific requirement for a legal handgun for personal protection (barrel length or caliber)except that it is in legal possession of the person under Colorado Law.

Can you shoot coyotes at night in Colorado?

Is night hunting allowed in Colorado? Raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, striped skunks, beavers, and red, gray, and swift foxes can be hunted at night.

Are lighted nocks legal in Colorado?

For years any electronic devices mounted to your bow or arrow have been illegal in Colorado. This includes sight lights, cameras, and lighted nocks.

Can I shoot a spike bull in Colorado?

Shooting a spike-antlered elk: Hunters who hold a cow elk tag sometimes shoot spike bulls. If you are not absolutely sure, do not shoot. License not voided: After you kill an animal, you must void the license immediately. Improperly attached carcass tag: The carcass tag must be attached to the animal.

What part of Colorado has the best elk hunting?

Look to the Routt National Forest where you’ll find large elk numbers. The basic movement is from the higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and elevation. With 48 percent of the land available to the public, hunters, over the past few years, have reported about an 18% success rate.