What is the sentence of get on my nerves?

He is getting on my nerves. It used to get on my nerves when I saw someone sleeping during the working hours. Whenever I go to study my younger sister starts getting on my nerves by crying so loud. I saw your best friend usually gets on your nerves, but you never resist her.

What is meaning of getting on my nerves?

Definition of get on someone’s nerves : to become extremely annoying to someone That car alarm is getting on my nerves.

How do you use nerve in a sentence?

get ready for something difficult or unpleasant.

  1. You have a lot of nerve.
  2. The virus remains dormant in nerve tissue until activated.
  3. I’ve trapped a nerve in my spine.
  4. My office is the nerve centre of the operation.
  5. It takes nerve to be a racing driver.
  6. Every nerve in her body was tense.

Did I get on your nerves?

Meaning: If something gets on your nerves, it annoys or irritates you.

Is a hand good?

Starting with the idiom in the title, if you say that someone is in good hands, you mean they are being looked after or trained by someone skilled who can be trusted: Like all parents, I want to know that my child is in good hands.

How do you use like a leech in a sentence?

Very closely and persistently. ‘She’s barely come to when she’s on him like a leech, but Laz will have none of that. ‘ ‘She likes being picked up, but tends to cling like a leech – both arms tight around your neck.

How do you use vein in a sentence?

Vein sentence example. His object was to measure the contracted part of a fluid vein , to examine the phenomena attendant on additional tubes, and to investigate the form of the fluid vein and the results obtained when different forms of orifices are employed.

Did I touch a nerve meaning?

Definition of hit/strike/touch a nerve : to make someone feel angry, upset, embarrassed, etc. Something she said to him must have hit/struck/touched a nerve. I’ve never seen him so angry. His controversial column might have hit a (raw/sensitive) nerve with some readers.

How many nerves are in the human body?

7 trillion nerves
Believe it or not, there are over 7 trillion nerves in the human body. All these nerves are part of what’s known as your body’s nervous system. You can think of nerves as your body’s electrical wiring — they transmit signals between your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your body.

Are in great hands?

Definition of in good hands : in the care of a person or people who are able to take care of someone or something well It’s a great school where you know your kids are in good hands.

Will leave it in your good hands?

To allow one to have control, authority, or responsibility over someone or something.