What is the synonym of antecedent?

Some common synonyms of antecedent are anterior, foregoing, former, preceding, previous, and prior.

What is the meaning of antecedence?

noun. the act of going before; precedence. priority. Astronomy. (of a planet) apparent retrograde motion.

What is an antecedent in a sentence?

In grammar, an antecedent is an expression (word, phrase, clause, sentence, etc.) that gives its meaning to a proform (pronoun, pro-verb, pro-adverb, etc.). Proforms usually follow their antecedents, but sometimes they precede them, in which case one is, technically, dealing with postcedents instead of antecedents.

What is a literary antecedent?

An antecedent (AN-tuh-SEE-dent) is a grammatical device in which a pronoun, noun, or other word refers to an earlier noun or phrase. For example, in the sentence “Sally walked her dog,” the pronoun her refers to Sally, making Sally the antecedent.

What is an indefinite antecedent?

A singular indefinite pronoun antecedent needs a singular pronoun to refer to it or replace it. For example, you’d say, At the all-girls school, everyone was in her desk by 8 a.m. Note in this sentence that we have a pronoun, ‘her,’ and it refers back to a singular indefinite pronoun antecedent, ‘everyone.

Is Precursor a synonym of antecedent?

OTHER WORDS FOR antecedent 2 precursor, forerunner, ancestor.

What is the synonym of priority?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for priority, like: preference, precedence, superiority, antecedence, previousness, preterition, , pre-eminence, right of way, precedency and earliness.

What is the difference between precedent and antecedent?

Antecedent is used as an adjective or a noun and as a noun, it refers something that go ahead of another. Precedent is referred as an adjective or a noun. When it is used as a noun, it refers to an event that is happened before and can be represented as an example.

What are antecedents in behavior?

Antecedent- the events, action, or circumstances that occur before a behavior. Behavior- The behavior. Consequences- The action or response that follows the behavior.