What is WWE SuperCard fortifying?

Fortifying, in essence, allows you to move beyond the Pro cap of 105. Take a Pro, get a single card of the same type, then fortify that Pro. After you train it up, that Pro’ed card feels like a 110. You can fortify up to three times at launch.

Do you need to level up to fortify?

Nope! An alternate way to think of this: fortifications raise the max level of a Pro, allowing extra levels (and stat growth). The dupe being maxed or not doesn’t modify this.

What is the use of train up cards in WWE Supercard?

Train up with our new training cards. They can also be used as enhancements but why would you do that? Available starting this month in packs and quests.

Is it possible to earn energy in WWE SuperCard?

If we talk about the collection of both types of funds, then it does not possible. You cannot earn energy or bout with any kind of activity. By scanning the WWE supercard QR code, the users can get the in-game currency with ease. The currency is getting replenished in the account with the time only.

What is WWE SuperCard hack tool and how to use it?

If you are a WWE supercard hack tool user, then it does not matter you are going to lose or win. The tool is providing currency equally to all. The game is featured with various types of options for earning a good amount of currency. The way of promotional content is working as the freeway.

How to unlock all types of WWE cards?

The use of WWE supercard hack can help you in unlocking all types of cards without any kind of issue. Rare, very rare, super rare, uncommon, common and epic are some card classes. The game is associated with various battles such as – leagues and events.