Where to find patent number?

Go to the Google Patents Page.

  • Enter a patent number. Once you hit search you will be able to access the PDF version of the patent that you want to view.
  • Use Google Patent Advanced Search,if you want to search by:
  • How to search for existing patents?

    If you have an invention or idea and want to get a patent,you must first search the USPTO database to find out if a patent already exists.

  • Narrow down your search to be as specific as possible based on what the invention is and its capabilities. You will want to search for both U.S.
  • The USPTO manages three types of patents: utility,design,and plant. Identify which category type fits your invention.
  • Narrow the search even further by choosing the type of search that will produce the most comprehensive and relevant results.
  • You also have the option,in many cities,of doing an in-person search at a Patent and Trademark Resource Center.
  • If you choose to do online searches,the USPTO database offers multiple options for searching and provides images of the files.
  • Patent searches are time-consuming because of the need for filtered and multiple searches to provide the appropriate search results applicable to what you need.
  • How do I search for patents?

    Find published patent applications. In addition to searching for issued patents, you will also need to search published patent applications. Go back to the USPTO website and click the “AppFT” button under “Quick Links.”. Enter the information in the boxes just as you did for the issued patents.

    What is a published patent application?

    The publication date is the date on which a patent application is first published. It is the date on which the document is made available to the public, thereby making it part of the state of the art. European patent applications are generally published 18 months after the date of filing or earliest priority date.