Where was the 199th Infantry in Vietnam?

199th Infantry Brigade (Light). The 199th Infantry Brigade (Light) was a major combat unit of the United States Army serving in the Vietnam War. The brigade was formed at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1966.

What is a Redcatcher?

U. S. ARMY 199TH INFANTRY BRIGADE (REDCATCHERS) – The 199th Infantry Brigade (Light) is a unit of the United States Army which served in the Army Reserve from 1921–1940, in the active army from 1966 to 1970 (serving in the Vietnam War), briefly in 1991–1992 at Fort Lewis, and from 2007 as an active army training …

What is a light infantry brigade?

Light infantry now stands for those units of soldiers who have no attached tank units or armored personnel carriers, and fewer artillery pieces and helicopters than the heavy, mechanized infantry divisions. Once transported, they will tend to walk to war, rather than ride to it.

What was the life expectancy of a combat soldier in Vietnam?

The Statistics in the Combat Area Casualty File (CACF 11/93) show an average age of death much higher than that of news reports. The average age of the 58,148 killed in Vietnam was 23.11 years (Although 58,169 names are in the Nov. 93 database, only 58,148 have both event date and birth date.

Is light infantry elite?

These were considered elite units, since they required specialised training with emphasis on self-discipline, manoeuvre and initiative to carry out the roles of light infantry as well as those of ordinary infantry.

Is fragging a war crime?

With but two reported fragging incidents in two wars, it appears the practice as a serious military problem has been relegated to history—the history of the Vietnam War—from whence it came.

What was the size of the 199th LIB?

Whereas the larger divisions usually contained three to four brigades, the 199th LIB took orders specifically from MACV and II Field Force, although some of the units’ infantry battalions were op-conned to other units at various times. At any given time from 1966-1970, the brigade’s roster consisted of approximately 4300 combat-ready soldiers.

How did the 199th Light Infantry Brigade get its name?

The distinctive patch worn on the shoulder of the men of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade was a flaming spear with a red ball of fire in the middle giving the appearance of a REDCATCHER, which was descriptive of the units purpose in Vietnam, and the name stuck.

How did the 199th Light Infantry turn the tide of Tet?

The units special training in counter intelligence help turn the tide of the TET offensive in 1968. For a unit rapidly formed without proper training, the courage and spirit of the men who filled the ranks of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade helped stop the 274 & 275 VC regiments dead in their tracks during TET 68.

When did the 199th INF BDE arrive in Vietnam?

The 199th Inf Bde arrived in Vietnam from Ft Benning GA on 10 Dec 66 and departed on 11 Oct 70. ……..LIGHT………..SWIFT……….ACCURATE……. Pressed for a rapid buildup of United States ground forces in Vietnam in 1966, the U.S. Army built a separate Light Infantry Brigade around four elite Infantry units with a glorious past.