Who is the warden at Kilby Correctional Facility?

Phyllis J. Billups
The current Kilby Correctional Facility warden is Phyllis J. Billups. The Montgomery Women’s Facility, an ADOC facility for women, is located behind Kilby.

What county is Kilby Correctional Facility in?

Custody Types

Inmate Gender: Male
Inmate Population: 1077
County: Montgomery
Region: Southern

What is Kilby infirmary?

Kilby Correctional Facility was established December 1969, with a capacity for 440 inmates. Designed to be the receiving center for all male inmates, it had dormitories, 100 two-man cells, and a hospital unit. It is located on 154 acres outside of Montgomery.

What is the biggest jail in Alabama?

Limestone Correctional Facility
This is a list of state prisons in Alabama….Major facilities.

Prison Limestone Correctional Facility
Opened 1984
Security class Maximum
Capacity 2086
Notes Largest prison in Alabama

Where is Draper intake located?

Elmore, Alabama
The facility is located in Elmore, Alabama. The facility is a mixed custody facility with the capability of housing up to 1232 inmates at any given time.

What does MSA stand for in jail?

A “marital settlement agreement” goes by several names depending on where you live. In some states, they’re “divorce settlement agreements” or “separation agreements.” In California, for example, they are typically called “marital settlement agreements,” and that’s the term we’ll use for the purposes of this article.

Do jails have infirmaries?

(They are the same for prisons, jails and juvenile facilities.) Infirmary care is skilled nursing care within the facility’s defined scope of practice. If an inmate needs skilled nursing care, assistance with these tasks requires the attention and assistance of nursing staff.

How many prisons do Alabama have?

But Alabama is an outlier even among red states. Its inability to adequately address overcrowding, understaffing, rampant physical and sexual violence and drug use within its 13 prisons is considered one of the state’s most pressing issues.