Can you bind sisal carpet?

Some of our purist clients, prefer all natural and will go with a cotton or linen binding. My rule of thumb is, high traffic—serged or synthetic binding, low traffic—serged or natural binding. As far as showing the width of the binding, it really is a personal choice.

How long does a jute rug last?

It is highly recommended to store your jute rug in a cool, clean, and dry place for at least six months from the time you bought it. Just like any other natural fiber rug, these types of rugs love humidity, and keeping them in a dry place will preserve their elegance and color for years.

How to make a sisal rug at Sisal rugs?

At Sisal Rugs Direct, we create custom rugs every day to suit a variety of needs. Simply follow the steps below to get started: Step 1. Choose your filter options from above such as material and color. Step 2. Customize it your way. Add a rug pad, or whatever makes your rug your own. Step 3. Order!

What color border should I choose for my Belize outdoor sisal rug?

The corner photo shows the color Brown on the rug color Dune in the Belize Outdoor Sisal. The Wide Cotton border shows 1-1/4″ on the face of the rug when bound. The corners are mitered at no additional charge. This is the most common width border used by our customers. Choose any of the colors below to fit your style.

What is the size of the border on the rug?

The border is top stitched and shows 1-1/4″ width on the face of a rug. Includes free mitered corners. The corner shown is Adobe Wide Canvas on color Sand in the Boucle Sisal.

What color is the border of a faux leather rug?

The border color shown is Alabaster on our Sand color Boucle Sisal. The Narrow Faux Leather shows 3/4″ on the face of the rug with lapped/boxed corners. It is made of a vegan, vinyl based material that mimics the look and feel of natural leather.