Does JG Quintel have a kid?

Lynn Streb Quintel
J. G. Quintel/Children

What is Mordecai’s last name?

J. G. Quintel

Character Voice Actor Appearances
Season 1
Mordecai J. G. Quintel Main
Rigby William Salyers Main
Benson Dunwoody Sam Marin Main

Why did they take Margaret off Regular Show?

However, Margaret pulls away due to Mordecai’s bad breath, so he uses Rigby’s time machine to undo it. In the episode “Picking Up Margaret”, Margaret says that Mordecai is always there for her, something she can’t say about some people she knows.

What happened J.G. Quintel?

Quintel has most recently worked for Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California developing episodes for Regular Show and provided his real voice to the 23-year-old blue jay Regular Show character Mordecai.

Is J.G. Quintel married?

Cassia Strebm. 2010
J. G. Quintel/Spouse

Who are Mordecai’s kids?

Mordecai resided in Susa (Shushan or Shoushan), the metropolis of Persia (now Iran). He adopted his orphaned cousin (Esther 2:7), Hadassah (Esther), whom he brought up as if she were his own daughter.

Who did J.G. Quintel voice in gumball?


Year Title Role
2010–2017 Regular Show Mordecai, High Five Ghost, Additional Voices
2012 Hall of Game Awards Mordecai
2016 The Amazing World of Gumball Mordecai, High Five Ghost
2020–present Close Enough Josh

Is Mordecai based on J.G. Quintel?

On the Regular Show’s floor, J.G. Quintel is playing a game of table hockey in the hall. He’s the creator of the cartoon, which is based around a blue jay named Mordecai — that he voices — and a raccoon named Rigby. “It’s all about their adventures and working a minimum-wage job at a park,” Quintel says.

What does brainbrain Max look like?

Brain Max appears to be green liquid held within a bottle. The bottle has a white cap and appears to have a label which shows a picture of a brain and scribbled words. When Rigby is reading off the instructions, he quotes: “Take one tablespoon a day.

What episode of Regular Show is Rigby’s more smarter?

” More Smarter” is the twenty-fourth episode in Season 2 (and thirty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 13, 2011. Rigby tries to prove to Mordecai that he can get by without a high school diploma. Rigby concocts a drink using many random foods and drinks (RigJuice), thinking it will make him famous.

What is the Regular Show wiki about?

See the many places the world of Regular Show has to offer. See all the great songs heard on the show. The wiki is about the Cartoon Network series that anyone can edit! 1,696 articles since January 10th, 2010. More Characters…

What is brain Max and how does it work?

Like its name, Brain Max is guaranteed to give the consumer maximum intelligence.When consumed, the person appears normal. However, the person may experience mild headaches. The mild headaches are actually pathways where all of the intelligence of the universe is flown into the brain.