How do I give a sword to Satsuki?

In Pure White World Tendency, Satsuki appears in living body form and asks you to help him look for the Magic Sword “Makote”. Once you’ve found it, Satsuki will ask you to give it to him. If you do that, he will use Makoto to attack you. If you then kill him, you get the Magic Sword “Makoto” back.

How do I get Istarelle?

Istarelle is a rare spear in Demon’s Souls. It can be found on a secret cliffside in the Valley of Defilement (5-1), accessible via a ladder that only appears if World Tendency is Pure White. This ladder appears on a cliffside path between the hut with the plagued rats and the hut with the large depraved one.

How many heals Satsuki?

If the player is wielding the Magic Sword “Makoto” when they speak to Satsuki, he’ll turn hostile immediately. When his HP drops down to 50%, he’ll consume a New Moon Grass up to ten times to restore his health.

How do I send Flamelurker soul to Ed?

To give the Red Hot Demon’s Soul Select the talk option with him multiple times until you have exhausted all his dialog and he just repeats himself. Must have defeated the Armor Spider and Flamelurker on the current playthrough.

How do I get Soulbrandt?

Soulbrandt Location: Where to Find Soulbrandt

  1. There is only one chance to obtain this sword each playthrough.
  2. At the very end of the game, enter The Old One and fight King Allant.
  3. After the battle, the Soulbrandt will be on the ground next to where he died.

How many times can Black Phantom Satsuki heal?

Black Phantom Satsuki heal 5 TIMES! You can parry him too. That is how I killed him. Don’t let him get any distance.

Why is Satsuki so powerful?

Wielding the Life Fiber severing blade Bakuzan and the fearsome Junketsu, Satsuki is a character who possesses the skills for nearly every situation on the battlefield. Satsuki can deal staggering damage at a close range which is only made scarier with Valor.

How does Satsuki kill Bakuzan?

Satsuki launches a large projectile that moves fast and has immense range, hitting multiple times. It does not home in on her target like some of her other aerial projectiles. Satsuki slams down Bakuzan, creating a string of small bursts in a straight line from where she lands.

How does Satsuki whiff work?

Satsuki has a glitch with her sp.C where if she does it after doing 5AAAAB (4), it will pull the opponent towards her and will force sp.C to confirm from it, if 5AAAAB (5) is done instead it will whiff. Satsuki Kiryuin, her intimidating presence only dwarfed by her might on the battlefield.