How do I use 3D glasses on my Sony TV?

When using Active 3D Glasses for the first time, hold the glasses within a 50 cm range of the TV, turn on the TV and hold the Power button/indicator for 2 seconds. The Active 3D Glasses turn on and registration starts (the Power button/indicator blinks green and yellow).

Do Sony 3D glasses need batteries?

The battery for Sony 3D TV Glasses is called a CR2032 3V Lithium coin battery.

How do I reset my Sony 3D glasses?

Turn off the TV. Hold the glasses within 50 cm of the TV and turn on the TV. Press and hold the Power button or indicator on the 3D glasses for 2 seconds.

Why my Sony 3D glasses are not working?

NOTE: Check the battery of the 3D glasses, if it is not a built-in battery, pleased replace it. Set the Bluetooth settings of the Android TV to Off. Restart the Android TV . Set the Bluetooth settings of the Android TV to On.

Do Samsung 3D glasses work with Sony?

The use of third-party glasses, or glasses made for use with a 3D TV made by another manufacturer, is not recommended or supported for use with Sony® 3D televisions or projectors.

How do I change the battery in my Sony 3D glasses TDG BT500A?

(Applies only to TDG-BT400A/BT500A.) Press the unlock button with the tip of a pen, etc., and take out the battery case. Replace the battery with a new one. After that, be sure to insert the battery case until it locks in place again.

Why are my 3D glasses not working?

If your glasses are not working, you may need to pair them. 2 Press the Power button on the glasses briefly. The 3D glasses will power on and the pairing will begin. 3 If the pairing is successful, you will see the message “3D glasses are connected to TV’ on the screen.

How do I charge my Sony Active 3D Glasses?

How to charge the Sony 3D glasses.

  1. Turn off the 3D glasses.
  2. Turn on the TV.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the USB input on the 3D glasses.
  4. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB input on the TV.
  5. The amber (red) indicator light will turn on while the glasses are charging and turn off when the charging is complete.

What kind of glasses work with Sony 3D TV?

Sony had introduced two types of 3D televisions that How to synchronize the 3D glasses with the TV. IMPORTANT: Sony® 3D and 3D ready TVs will work with Sony 3D glasses only. Glasses manufactured by another manufacturer or those used at a 3D theater and amusement park rides are not supported.

Can I use 3D glasses with a 3D projector?

Although the glasses and transmitters 3D glasses purchased seperately do not work with the 3D projector. Only the TDG-PJ1 model glasses are recommended for use with the projector. Can I use the 3D glasses that are used to watch a movie at the theater with my 3D TV?

How do I connect my 3D glasses to my TV?

NOTE: Make sure this solution is applicable to your 3D glasses model . Turn off the 3D glasses. Turn on the TV. Connect the USB cable to the USB input on How to obtain replacement parts, accessories or software for a Sony product. Replacement parts, accessories, and software for Sony® products can be obtained from Sony Parts and Accessories.