How many tattoos does YG have?

YG (Rapper) 18 Tattoos & Their Meanings.

Why do rappers get tattoos?

The facial tattoos are often used by these artists as motivation to limit attaining meaningful employment, leading them to focus entirely on their music career. This, alongside with the entrance of hip-hop culture into the mainstream has led to face tattoos increasing in popularity.

What does prolific mean Nipsey Hussle?

to be plentiful and abundant
Prolific means to be plentiful and abundant, especially when it comes to output in terms of life’s work. This sentiment and word summed up Nipsey perfectly — aside from being an independent musician he was also an astute and diverse entrepreneur.

What does the S tattoo on Nipsey Hussle mean?

“God Will Rise,” is the meaning of Nipsey’s birth name, Ermias. And they are the same words that Nipsey had permanently inked on his face. The tattoo is just one way that London is honoring Hussle, who she called her “best friend, sanctuary, protector, and soul.”

What does YG have tattooed on his head?

Tattoo: Both the sides of his head contain a tattoo of a white dove in flight. The tattoo is completed by the clouds which also join the doves to the tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his head. Meaning: Doves are a symbol of peace which is why YG decided to get them tattooed to go along with his other head tattoos.

What does a yin and yang tattoo look like?

The symbol. Before getting a yin and yang tattoo, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the origins and meaning of this ancient symbol. Yin and yang takes the form of a circle with a light and dark side, split with a curved line. The black side is the yin, while the white side is the yang.

What does YG’s spider tattoo mean?

The front side of his right shoulder contains the word, “thank” and similarly his left shoulder contains the word, “GOD” tattooed on it. Meaning: YG is the name that he gave to himself when he became a rapper. When talking about the spider, YG talked about it showing a different side of him, and his wickedness.

Where should you place your yin&yang tattoo?

Yin & yang can also be placed right next to your heart or your collarbone, as well as your ankle. Do not go for overpowering thigh, leg, or back tattoos.