Is Articleship in Big 4 worth it?

One of the most important reason and Benefits of articleship from Big 4 is the exposure that you get. You get to work in the corporate environment. It opens the doors for more opportunities. You get to work with big clients and get a chance to understand their businesses.

How can I get Articleship in Big 4?

With the following ways we can apply to Big 4 to gain articleship.

  1. 1) ICAI BoS Articleship Portal.
  2. 2) ICAI Notice Board.
  3. 3) Direct Apply to Big 4.
  4. 4) Application through Email.
  5. 5) Reference.
  6. Big Consultancy Firms.
  7. Selection Process in Firms.

How much do Big 4 interns make?

Big 4 Interns get paid $20-$30 an hour with the intention of matching the full time salary of a first year, assuming a 40 hour week. Except they frequently work 60 or more hours a week during busy season and end up making more than the managers during this time.

How do I write a big 4 CV?

Make sure that it is clear and concise, use sensible font and layout and ensure that the salient points are easy for the user to access. Given the nature of your profession you should be aiming for 100% accuracy both factually and grammatically.

How do I write an Articleship resume?

CA Articleship Resume – Sample 1

  1. Good theoretical knowledge of laws.
  2. Excellent knowledge of accounting and auditing laws.
  3. Very well versed with Ms-Excel.
  4. Can work efficiently in Tally (All versions).
  5. Good at quick arithmetic calculation.
  6. Good command over accounting.

What is the salary of CA in Big Four?

It is a dream come true for CA’s to get a job in one of the Big 4, for there is a lot of experience and learning there. The salary offered by the big 4 for freshers CA salary per annum is INR 6-8 lakhs, and for those with experience of 4-5 years, CA salary per annum is INR 23 lakhs.

Is it hard to get Articleship in Big 4?

There is no particular score that can get you a sure shot internship into a big four company or any top CA firm. Yes, they do prefer ranks, but they don’t swear by it. As such the score depends on the overall result percentage. For example,50% is the minimum requirement to clear IPCC.

What is the salary of CA in big four?

Is the big 4 hard to get?

Getting into big 4 is not difficult task, anyone with rational accounting and finance background can apply, normally they hire twice a year. Once you are done with application process (usually online), you get called for an interview followed by a written test (in some scenarios).

What big 4 firm pays the most?

Advisory giant Accenture consistently pays consultants the highest starting salary compared to the big four consulting firms, with PwC and Deloitte vying for second place at different experience levels.

How to prepare resume for articleship interviews in a big 4?

Some basic points to be kept in mind while preparing resume for articleship interviews in a BIG 4 :- The college placement cell often has a prescribed format for the resume which will be forwarded to the HR department of the BIG 4. Make sure to adhere to the format. Don’t mention ITT and Orientation course completion in the resume in any manner.

How can I do articleship in a BIG4 firm?

Apart from doing the ‘normal’ articleship in one of the CA firms attached to Big4, there are other ways also: 1) As per ICAI, one can take training under a CA who is employee in a CA firm. So, if the Big4 firms allows such a thing, then one can do articleship under any of the CA employee of such Big4 firm

What makes a good CV/resume in the Big 4?

What makes a good CV/Resume in the Big 4? CVs come in different lengths and formats and there is no one singular thing that will make your CV stand out from the crowd, rather there are a number of key indicators that an experienced recruiter will be looking for.

What should I not write in my CV for articleship?

Note 1 : Applicants must not write about ITT and OT trainings in their CV as they are mandatory training to be completed by everyone. Note 2 : Soft copies of your resume must be sent in PDF format only. One can also refer Ravish Gupta’s answer to How many marks should I aim for to get my articleship in Big 4? Hope it helps !!!!