Is Aula a good brand mouse?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great mouse! Love this mouse, I’m not a huge gamer anymore but I still do some light playing (League of Legends mostly). Love the 4 mouse speed settings at the click of a button. Makes it easy to find a groove that works for you.

Is the Aula sc200 good?

4.0 out of 5 starsGood, not great. Parts of this I love. The shape is right, the buttons are good, the ergonomics on this thing rock!

What mouse has 20k DPI?

RAZER FOCUS+ OPTICAL SENSOR Our new, improved sensor has an industry-leading 20,000 DPI with 99.6% resolution accuracy, ensuring that even the finest movement from this ergonomic mouse is tracked with consistency.

Are Razer mice good 2020?

The best gaming mouse for the majority of PC gamers The DeathAdder V2 uses a 20,000 DPI Razer Focus+ optical sensor, and while big numbers don’t necessarily equate to quality, here they do. Razer’s newest tech delivers flawless tracking, even if you move the mouse as fast as humanly possible.

How do I change the color of my Aula keyboard?

Fn+5 changes the light color, Fn+2 lowers the intensity, Fn+8 makes it brighter.

Are Aula keyboards any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great keyboard, especially for the price this is a Great keyboard, especially for the price this is a really good deal. Very clicky with a great and precise tactile quality. Has great apparent quality and looks.

How do I change the color of my Sunsonny keyboard?

Press Fn + right Alt + up arrow (or down arrow) to change the colors. if you hold fn+r. Alt down, and press the arrow key repeatedly, you can cycle through the colors.

Is Aula inertia the best gaming mouse for You?

AULA Inertia gaming mouse has the perfect fit for every gamer’s hand due to its ergonomic design. The mouse has an adjustable DPI for choosing the speed of the cursor for the sharpest moves to deliver the best score.

Why choose Aula Nomad gaming mouse?

Advance your speed and accuracy while playing your favourite games with AULA Nomad mouse. High quality sensor, adjustable DPI and extremely durable Huano light-click switches are there for the fastest responsiveness and long gaming sessions.

Why Aula Obsidian is the best gaming mouse?

Even better: AULA Obsidian gaming mouse comes with 6 buttons that are fully programmable for any game you play – FPS, MOBA, MMO, whatever! The 4-light adjustable backlighting will please your eye while ergonomic design will ensure you comfortable gaming even during extended sessions.

What DPI does the Aula F806 mouse have?

The AULA F806 mouse features a true 2,400 DPI optical sensor with a proven history of performance for fast and precise swipes, up to 4800 by driving adjustment. This gives you smooth and seamless control in the face of a chaotic battle. The AULA F806 mouse is designed with high durability to maintain high performance during gaming marathons.