Is smooth move a good laxative?

Smooth Move tea is a blend of organic herbs marketed as a natural laxative. It’s said to help relieve constipation within 6–12 hours. Its main ingredient is senna, a powerful plant native to Africa and India. Its natural laxative properties make it a popular addition to constipation-relief remedies ( 1 ).

How long does it take for smooth move to work?

6-12 hours
We recommend drinking one cup (1 tea bag), preferably at bedtime as Smooth Move generally produces a bowel movement within 6-12 hours. For best results, steep the tea for 10-15 minutes.

How often should you drink Smooth Move tea?

Recommended dose: Adults and children over 12 years: Unless otherwise prescribed, drink 1 freshly prepared cup of Organic Smooth Move® once daily at bedtime. This product generally produces bowel movements in 6-12 hours.

How strong is Smooth Move tea?

Each single serving of Smooth Move tea is 2,000 mg and contains 1,080 mg of senna leaf (Senna alexandrina syn. Cassia angustifolia), providing 20 mg of sennosides A and B per cup of tea when prepared as directed.

Can you drink Smooth Move tea in the morning?

Traditionally combined with fennel, coriander and ginger to reduce the potential for unpleasant feelings like cramping, Smooth Move is best taken at bedtime. Sip and sleep easy knowing you’ll be right as rain in the morning. Sweet and slightly bitter, with citrus-orange and spice notes.

Can ginger ale soda help with constipation?

Considered as one of the healthiest spices on the planet, ginger is an effective natural remedy for constipation. Ginger contains natural laxative properties that helps to promote bowel movement and thus cure constipation.

Is it OK to drink senna tea daily?

Senna is meant to serve as a short-term constipation remedy. You shouldn’t use it for more than 7 consecutive days unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider (2). Long-term senna tea intake may lead to laxative dependence, electrolyte disturbances, and liver damage.

What is smooth move tea?

Smooth Move tea is an herbal blend commonly used as an over-the-counter constipation remedy. Senna, its primary ingredient, has been utilized as a natural laxative for centuries.

Does smooth move by traditional medicinals work?

Smooth Move, by Traditional Medicinals, is a senna-based tea that relieves constipation within 6-12 hours after drinking it. The manufacturer states that the tea works by gently stimulating the intestine to produce a bowel movement.

What are the ingredients in smooth move?

Smooth Move tea also contains licorice, bitter fennel, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, and sweet orange. These herbs are meant to soothe your bowels, reducing your chances of cramping.

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