What 3 types of media is Ravilious best known for using?


  • Printmaking and illustration.
  • Design.
  • Watercolour.
  • Murals.
  • War artist.
  • Death.
  • Collections and exhibitions.
  • Where are the Eric ravilious paintings?

    Imperial War Museum
    Museum of New Zealand Te Papa TongarewaWellington
    Eric Ravilious/On view

    Is Kiran Ravilious related to Eric ravilious?

    He comes from a very artistic family [Ben is the grandson of the artist Eric Ravilious] and has always supported and encouraged me to keep doing what I love.

    Who is Kiran Ravilious?

    Kiran Ravilious is a pattern designer who uses the old fashioned technique of lino printing to develop her designs for textiles and paper goods. Her style draws on both the age-old hand printing techniques of S.E. Asia, and the legacy of her husband Ben Ravilious’s artistic family.

    Was Eric ravilious a war artist?

    Eric Ravilious was one of the first official War Artists to be appointed by the War Artists Advisory Committee (WAAC) in December 1939. Ravilious continued this role until he started his appointment as an official War Artist allocated to the Admiralty in 1940 with the rank of Captain.

    What did Eric ravilious do?

    Eric William Ravilious (22 July 1903 – 2 September 1942) was a British painter, designer, book illustrator and wood-engraver.

    Where did Eric ravilious live?

    Eric Ravilious/Places lived

    What happened to Eric ravilious?

    Eric William Ravilious (22 July 1903 – 2 September 1942) was an English painter, designer, book illustrator and wood engraver. He was killed in 1942 at the age of 39 while accompanying a Royal Air Force air sea rescue mission off Iceland that failed to return to its base.

    Where is Eric ravilious from?

    Acton, London, United Kingdom
    Eric Ravilious/Place of birth