What are the raw materials used to make cotton?

NATURAL FIBRES The cotton fibre grows around the seeds of the plant. The fibre con- sists mainly of cellulose. These cellulose fibres are spun into threads for the textile industry. Cotton is a highly durable fibre with the ability to absorb moisture.

Are chemicals raw materials?

Chemicals are the organic or inorganic molecular building blocks used in processing materials and adhesives. Raw materials include fillers, minerals, gases, and specialized chemical additives.

Where do raw materials come from?

The term raw material denotes materials in unprocessed or minimally processed states; e.g., raw latex, crude oil, cotton, coal, raw biomass, iron ore, air, logs, water, or “any product of agriculture, forestry, fishing or mineral in its natural form or which has undergone the transformation required to prepare it for …

What are the chemical industries in Nigeria?

Chemical industry

  • COHBS International. 6 Balogun St, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos, Lagos.
  • Toky Chemical Manufacturers Ltd.
  • Chellarams Plc.
  • Falcon Chemicals Ltd.
  • Edic Chemicals & Allied Distributions Ltd.
  • Assi Chemical Products Limited.
  • Current Foam Industries & Chemicals Limited.

What are the two types of chemical industries?

The categories are industrial inorganic chemicals; plastics, materials, and synthetics; drugs; soap, cleaners, and toilet goods; paints and allied products; industrial organic chemicals; agricultural chemicals; and miscellaneous chemical products.

How many types of raw materials are there?

Types of raw materials Plant/tree-based – materials like vegetables, fruits, flowers, wood, resin, latex are obtained from plants and trees. Animal-based– materials like leather, meat, bones, milk, wool, silk are all obtained from animals. Mining-based– materials like minerals, metals, crude oil, coal, etc.

Which country has the best quality cotton?


What is the main raw material of iron and steel industry?

The ores used in making iron and steel are iron oxides, which are compounds of iron and oxygen. The major iron oxide ores are hematite, which is the most plentiful, limonite, also called brown ore, taconite, and magnetite, a black ore.

What are the raw materials used to manufacture cotton?

Here is your answer. The raw materials which are used in the cotton textile industry are cotton, fibre or yarn. Moreover to make clothes the raw materials used are, wool, cotton, silk, jute, and also flax. Hope it will work!

What is the most commonly produced industrial chemical?

Sulfuric acid

What are the raw materials used in chemical industries?

Its main raw materials are the fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), air, water, salt, limestone, sulfur or an equivalent, and some specialized raw materials for special products, such as phosphates and the mineral fluorspar.

What is the most expensive cotton?

ELS cottons