What do the stars represent in the Sneetches?

The Sneetches’ stars are a pretty in-your-face symbol. In Sneetchville, they represent difference. In Humanville, they represent discrimination. Think back to all the times humans (and maybe Sneetches, too) have discriminated against people because of the way they look.

What is the significance of Casy’s song?

Casy’s song reflects the character’s distrust of organized religion. Combining a popular melody with religious lyrics, the song becomes a parody. Casy deliberately exaggerated the devotional in order to make fun of organized religion, the Bible, and the image of the upright priest.

What happens after the people burn their belongings Grapes of Wrath?

Families are forced to burn most of their heirlooms, as they have no room to bring along items with only sentimental value. As their belongings burn, the families grow restless, and drive away hurriedly. Yet again, humans are shown to be willing to take advantage of one another in pursuit of profit.

What bitterness is being bought in The Grapes of Wrath?

You’re not buying only junk, you’re buying junked lives. And more—you’ll see—you’re buying bitterness. Buying a plow to plow your own children under, buying the arms and spirits that might have saved you. But I warn you, you’re buying what will plow your own children under.

What does yertle mean?

Seuss has stated that the titular character Yertle represented Adolf Hitler, with Yertle’s despotic rule of the pond and takeover of the surrounding area parallel to Hitler’s regime in Germany and invasion of various parts of Europe.

What is Horton Hears a Who an allegory for?

The Whos. Allegorically speaking, the Whos are specifically intended to symbolize the Japanese in the aftermath of World War II.

What happened to Yertle the Turtle?

That was the last glimpse of poor Yertle, unceremoniously ejected from his habitat. Worse, in episode five, Dart morphs into a baby Demogorgon (surprising no one but Dustin) and murders Dustin’s cat, Mews.

Why is Yertle the Turtle an allegory?

The well-known author, Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss displays allegories to portray a significant event or message through many of his children’s book. In the book, Yertle The Turtle by Dr. Seuss uses allegories to portray the ideologies of the dictator, Adolf Hitler and his yearn of power.

What does the turtle in the grapes of wrath symbolize?

The turtle is significant in that it represents the incredible resilience and perseverance that the Joads and other migrant families need to endure and overcome hardships on their cross-country trek. Steinbeck devotes chapter 3 to the turtle’s arduous journey across a dusty, busy highway.

Why would Dr Seuss choose to use an allegory?

So, the farm animals are used to show the negative of communism and uses allegory to do so. Seuss books were allegories, they are children’s books with hidden meanings of politics and moral issues pointed towards adults because they know they will read these to their children.

What happens in the book sneetches?

The Sneetches without a star are discriminated against. Sylvester McMonkey McBean is a greedy entrepreneur who convinces the Sneetches without the stars to get a star tattoos if they pay him money. This makes the star Sneetches jealous and they pay him to have their star removed so they remain special.

What is the meaning of the reference to Pretty Boy Floyd?

Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd was an American bank robber. He operated in the Midwest and West South Central States, and his criminal exploits gained heavy press coverage in the 1930s. Like most other prominent outlaws of that era, he was killed by policemen.

Why may Steinbeck have twice described the turtle’s eyes as humorous?

Steinbeck shows how hard and painfully the turtle works to cross the road, with many obstacles in his path. Finally, Steinbeck personifies the turtle, which means giving it human characteristics. He says twice that it has “humorous” eyes, which again associates it with the sharecroppers.

What does the moon represent in Yertle the Turtle?

Yertle can shout at the moon and stack turtles all he wants. But eventually something will break, and Yertle will return to being just the little insignificant turtle he really is. That’s why the moon is there: to symbolize everything over which Yertle exerts no control, and to break him at his faults.

What is the message of Yertle the Turtle?

The theme for children is that too much power can be a problem, and that any little person can make a difference. For adults the theme is that envy, and greed can destroy a person. The story is about a turtle named Yertle.

What is the significance of the car dealer Grapes of Wrath?

The turtle’s struggle comes to symbolize the migrant farmers’ plight. Like the turtle, which strengthens the theme of the Joad’s connection to nature, the car salesman reflects the greed associated with capitalism.

What stories are in Yertle the Turtle?

Dr. Seuss presents three modern fables in the rhyming favorite Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories. The collection features tales about greed (“Yertle the Turtle”), vanity (“Gertrude McFuzz”), and pride (“The Big Brag”). In no other book does a small burp have such political importance!

Who is Mack in Yertle the Turtle?

In the story, Mack represents the German society. He stands for the German people who follow Hitler’s rules and beliefs due to fear. Mack supports Yertle in the form of being a turtle in the stack keeping the king up high though he is going through pain.