What do you wear to a luau party?

Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women are the easiest and most comfortable choices. When paired with khaki shorts or slacks, the aloha shirt goes from casual to dressy. For a conservative look, women can wear a traditional muʻumuʻu or long dress with floral print or a sarong.

What do you wear to a tiki party?

Accompany a Hawaiian shirt with casual, loose-fitting shorts or pants, paired with “slippers” – or flip flops as they’re known in the continental United States. Females have plenty of options, too. Wear a tropical-themed summer dress or a skirt or sarong paired with a tank top or bikini top and sandals.

What do you wear to a Caribbean themed party?

Wear them in a pastel color, khaki or tropical print. If you can’t find Bermuda shorts in your area or want to have a more youthful look, wear board shorts popularized by surfers. These shorts are lightweight and extremely comfortable. Complete the look by wearing a fun Hawaiian shirt or short-sleeved linen shirt.

What do people wear to luau in Hawaii?

Luaus are non-formal events and you can wear just about whatever you want. A short sleeve shirt is always acceptable and when dressing up in Hawaii, all you need is an Aloha Shirt, pair of shorts, and your slippahs (aka flip flops or sandals), and you’re ready for your luau.

Can I wear white to a luau?

There is no real dress code for the Luau… Just go and have fun and wear whatever you want.

What is a luau theme?

A luau is a Hawaiian party or feast often accompanied by entertainment. It’s an event where friends and family eat, laugh and bond through a fun shared experience. You can do it as a simple backyard BBQ or go all-out and re-create a tropical Hawaiian experience.

What is Hawaiian luau?

One of the most festive experiences to be had on a visit to the Hawaiian Islands is a luau – a Hawaiian feast featuring lively music and vibrant cultural performances from Hawaii and greater Polynesia. History of the Luau. The first feast in Hawaii resembling a modern-day luau was probably held in 1819.

What is a traditional Hawaiian dress called?

The muumuu /ˈmuːmuː/ or muʻumuʻu (Hawaiian pronunciation: [ˈmuʔuˈmuʔu]) is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin that hangs from the shoulder and is like a cross between a shirt and a robe. Muumuus for local Hawaiian residents are more subdued in tone.

What to wear to a luau party?

A popular clothing item at luau parties is the grass or hula skirt. This is usually worn with a bathing suit, coconut bra or tropical-patterned shirt. Women wear hibiscus flowers in their hair, and both men and women wear flower leis. A party’s attire also depends on its sophistication level.

What is luau attire?

What to wear to a luau. Comfortable clothes are always appropriate in Hawaii. Most ladies wear nice shorts, slacks, or capri pants and a blouse or a casual sundress. Khaki shorts and an Aloha (Hawaiian) shirt tend to be the attire of choice for men.

Do flower girl dresses have to match the bride?

Traditionally speaking, flower girl dresses should match the bride in some way (i.e. ivory or white, depending on what the bride is wearing). Think of the flower girl dress like a mini version of your wedding dress (although you certainly don’t have to stick with tradition).