What is a 1948 Jeep Willys worth?

The 1948 Willys Jeep is one of these collectors’ items that fetches a great deal of money when sold. According to the site classic.com, the average price of this specific model is $12,104 and this is based on 21 listings. The lowest-priced option was sold for $3,575 and the highest went for $12,600.

How much does a Willys Jeep cost?

The Jeep Willys Edition starts at $27,699. Many erroneously think the Jeep Wrangler for sale at dealerships now is expensive, but it is a unique product that blows all of the competition out of the water.

How many Willys Jeeps are left?

After reducing the Quad’s weight by 240 lb (109 kg), through many painstaking detail changes, Willys renamed their vehicle “MA”, for “Military” model “A”. Some 1,555 MAs were built, most of which went to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. Only 27 units are still known to exist.

How much is a Jeep Willys Pickup worth?

A: The average price of a Jeep Willys Pickup is $33,610. Q: When was the Jeep Willys Pickup produced? A: The Jeep Willys Pickup was sold for model years 1947 to 1965.

Is there a 1948 Willys Jeep that is 4 wheel drive?

1948 Willys JEEP Restored Classic 4 Wheel Drive Pick up. Everything works perfectly, needs nothing. Runs great. Clean title. Over 4 weeks ago on Yupyi! 1948 Willys Jeep Panel Delivery .This rare Panel Delivery is definitely a head turner and one that you almost never see in such excellent…

What is a Willys pickup truck?

The civilian willys pickup truck is perhaps not as well-known as the ubiquitous jeep cj universal utility vehicle, but it is nonetheless a very important machi…

When did the first Jeep truck come out?

Introduced to the market in 1947, the jeep truck shared the same basic architecture as the station wagon. This 1948 willys-overland jeep truck is far and away one of the best we’ve ever encountered. It has been treated to a full nut and bolt restoration with careful attention paid to detail and accuracy.