What is the boys name in cajas de carton?

Gabriel. There’s a hotheaded fellow in this book, and he goes by the name Gabriel.

Who is the protagonist in cajas de carton?

The winner of numerous literary awards and the first in a series of three, the book illuminates the realities of migrant life through the eyes of wise and observant protagonist young Panchito, and shares a universal story of hope, faith, and endurance.

What happened in Chapter 7 Cajas De Carton?

One time, when Catarina’s owners visit Francisco’s family without their furry pet, El Perico gets angry—we’re talking squawking up a storm kind of angry—and this makes Papá raging mad. Things go from bad to worse when Papá starts waving around a broom, only to hit the parrot to the ground.

Who is Trampita in cajas de carton?

Trampita is Francisco’s younger brother. When Francisco is around five years old, he is left to care for Trampita, who is a baby at this time, while Mamá, Papá, and Roberto go to work in the fields.

What is the kids name in The Circuit?

Francisco is the protagonist and narrator of The Circuit. He is a little boy of around four at the beginning of the book and grows into a young teen by the novel’s conclusion.

Who is the main character in Senderos Fronterizos?

At the age of fourteen, Francisco Jiménez, together with his older brother Roberto and his mother, are caught by la migra. Forced to leave their home, the entire family travels all night for twenty hours by bus, arriving at the U.S. and Mexican border in Nogales, Arizona.

Who is the protagonist of the circuit?

Francisco. There’s no doubt about it: Francisco is our main man in this book. Not only is he the narrator, but he’s also the focus of each and every story.

What happened in the circuit Chapter 1?

The narrator’s Mamá, Papá, and older bro Roberto all can’t wait to travel to California. Roberto gets extra amped up after visiting his cousin, Fito, in Guadalajara. Fito has some modern amenities like running water and electricity, and Roberto can’t wait to have those things too. Finally it’s time for the trip.

What happened in chapter 9 of the circuit?

Roberto has to start picking cotton, but Francisco gets to go to school, which makes him kinda nervous. When he gets to school, Francisco has to remember how to talk in English again. He ends up in a sixth-grade classroom with a cool teacher named Mr. So—of course—when Francisco gets home, it’s time to move again.

Who is the narrator in cajas de carton?

Panchito is the narrator. He works in the fields with his father and older brother. Strawberry season is over and Panchito and his family are preparing to move again. “Yes, it was that time of year again….

Is The Circuit a true story?

The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child is an autobiographical novel by Francisco Jiménez based in part on his journey from Mexico to the United States of America.

Is cajas de carton based on a true story?

In 1997, Jiménez published his first autobiographical short novel, The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child (Cajas de Carton in the Spanish version). This book documents his early life, from crossing the border as a child to attending elementary school and working in the fields.

What is the book Cajas de Carton about?

Overview Cajas de Carton, the English title of which is The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child is a collection of autobiographical short stories by writer Francisco Jimenez, who was born in Jalisco, Mexico and crossed the US-Mexico border into the United States as a boy.

What happens to Jim Jimenez at the end of the book?

Jimenez also experiences significant moments of fear and loss, including the near-death of his infant brother, Torito, who becomes ill and is taken to the hospital so late that the doctor tells Mama it will be a miracle if Torito lives. At the end of the book, Papa can no longer work because long years of manual labor have ruined his back.

What does the Jimenez family use this car for?

The Jimenez family uses this car to transport their single mattress and few possessions from city to city. Jimenez spends his early years watching his younger siblings while his parents and Roberto, his older brother, work the fields.

Who is jimjimenez?

Jimenez is the main character and narrator of the collection. He is originally from El Rancho Blanco in Jalisco, Mexico, where he was raised on a poor farm selling milk to trucks who passed by on distant crossroads.