Which Seinfeld episode is Vandelay Industries?

The Boyfriend, Part 1
Vandelay Industries is a fictional company that George Costanza claims to have been interviewed for as a latex salesman in when applying for an extension at the unemployment office in the Season Three episode, “The Boyfriend, Part 1”.

Why does George make up the story of Vandelay Industries?

On one memorable episode of the sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend, George Costanza, makes up the fictional Vandelay Industries, a latex company that he supposedly interviewed at for a job, in order to boost his professional credibility. In other episodes, George pretends to be an architect.

What episode is the magic loogie Seinfeld?

The Boyfriend (Seinfeld)

“The Boyfriend”
Episode nos. Season 3 Episodes 17/18
Directed by Tom Cherones
Written by Larry David & Larry Levin
Production code 315/316

Who was Art Vandelay?

Art Vandelay is a fictional character that George invents when in a job interview, claiming to have worked for him at Vandelay Industries. George first forms Art Vandelay in “The Stake Out”; however, he made the name Art Corvelay, and quickly swaps to Vandelay when he forgets the fake last name.

When did Keith Hernandez spit on Kramer?

Kramer and Newman claim to have been a spat on by Keith Hernandez on June 14, 1987, when the Mets lost to the Phillies. The Mets lost to the Phillies at home only once in 1987, and it was a 5-3 loss on September 7th.

Did friends steal from Seinfeld?

“Friends” didn’t really steal anything from “Seinfeld.” Indeed, the creators made a point of trying not to ape “Seinfeld.” When Marta Kauffman and David Crane were coming up with the premise, they knew they wanted six friends in their 20s (not four in their late 30s/early 40s, like “Seinfeld”), and that they wanted the …

What did Newman say to Keith Hernandez?

Cost the Mets the game.” That was how Newman began to tell the tale of Keith Hernandez’s allegedly spitting on him and Kramer after Newman yelled, “Nice game, pretty boy,” at the Mets first baseman after a game that took place on this date 34 years ago.