Who does Feste sing a song for in Act 2 of Twelfth Night?

We return to that same languid and indolent duke; now, he asks for the old and antique song that he heard last night. Later in the scene, Feste will appear and sing the song “Come away, Come away, death.” The theme of this lyric is the sadness unto death of a young man whose love for a fair, cruel maid is unrequited.

What is the role of the fool in Shakespeare?

The fool in Elizabethan drama is someone employed to entertain a king or a duke or any other rich person who needs someone to entertain him. The convention in Elizabethan drama is that the fool is the most insightful and intelligent man in the play.

Who is Feste What is his role in Olivia’s house?

Feste is a character in Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. He is a jester, employed by Olivia, a wealthy lady of Illyria. His job is to make her laugh and his particular skills are singing and dancing. He also moonlights, going to the houses of other wealthy people to perform for them.

How is Malvolio a fool?

Shakespeare presents ambition as Malvolio’s hamartia; this quality ostrcises him from the group of other characters in the play due to his strong belief in his exalted position. Alienation makes Malvolio susceptible to the pranks of others and thus he is presented as the real fool.

What is the main plot point of Twelfth Night?

Duke Orsino of Illyria is in love with Olivia, but his advances are rejected. A shipwrecked Viola arrives on his shores, and with the help of a Captain, disguises herself as a boy, calling herself Cesario, and enters Orsino’s service. Orsino takes to Cesario, and sends ‘him’ to woo Olivia for him.

What is the story of 12th night?

SYNOPSIS. Viola and her twin brother Sebastian have been shipwrecked; each believes the other to be drowned. Viola disguises herself as a young man and, under the name of Cesario, gets a job as a servant for the Duke, Orsino.

Why did Malvolio go after Cesario?

Summary: Act III, scene iv. Olivia, who sent a servant after the departing Cesario to persuade him to return, tries to figure out how to woo him to love her. Feeling suddenly melancholy, Olivia sends for Malvolio because she wants someone solemn and sad to help with her strategy.

Where is Twelfth Night set?


Who is the fool in Twelfth Night?