Who is Jackson in the story Evan tries an O level?

In the thrilling and interesting story ‘Evans tries An O Level’ by Colin Dexter, Jackson was a senior prison officer on D wing at Oxford Prison. His duty comprised of ensuring strict watch on prisoners and not letting any of them to escape. He did not like Evans as he was very smart.

How did the correction slip kill two birds with one stone?

The correction slip helped kill two little birds with a single stone, it provided the name of the hotel to Evans and the exact time the exam started for the Governor. The expression of two birds killed with a single stone refers to the fact that one piece of document served two purposes at the same time.

How do you see Evans tries an O level?

Even after the Governor finds him in a hotel, his plans to get away go about undisturbed. In the last line of the story summary Evans Tries An O Level, it shows that despite him getting caught, he manages to escape anyhow, as the last prison van is also operated by a friend of his.

What is the significance of correction slip?

When the examination started the assistant secretary of board rang to the Governor that there was a correction-slip which some fool had forgotten to place in the examination package. The slip provided the name of the hotel and gave them the opportunity to know the time when the examination had started.

What is the summary of Evans tries an O level?

The story Evans Tries an O- Level is about a cunning prisoner Evans who makes a plan to escape from the prison on the day of his German language O – Level exam. The jail authorities, on the other hand, are ready to cover up any sort of risk. Will he able to succeed in his escape?

What made Evans have his last laugh?

The Governor was happy that ultimately he was able to track him down using his intelligence and knowledge of German. However, Evans had planned a step ahead. With his successful escape, Evans definitely had a well earned last laugh.

What two purposes did the correction slip serve?

In the first escape plan, correction slip was used to achieve two purposes: the first was to convey the information of the correct hotel name to Evans; and the second was to let the members of Evans’s gang know the exact time the exam had started.

Why did MC leery need the rubber ring What was it actually used for?

Answer. McLeery tells Jackson that he is suffering from haemorrhoids (piles) and the ring helps him when he has to sit for a long time. In reality, the ring contained pig blood, which Evans would splatter on his head and escape from the hospital as McLeery who had been injured.

How did the Governor react to the two phone calls?

Question 13 : How did the Governor react to the two phone calls he received in quick succession? Answer : The Governor had a sharp presence of mind and wanted to give Evans no chance to escape. However, he did not do so with the second call as he thought he was being paranoid.

Who has the last laugh meaning?

(also get the last laugh) to succeed when others thought you would not: She was fired from the company last year, but she had the last laugh when she was hired by their main rival at twice the salary.

When did the governor Realise that the invigilator was fake?

13. When did the Governor realize that the invigilator was fake? Ans. The Governor had initially assumed that it was Evans who had run out of the prison after hitting the invigilator.

Who was the phone call three minutes before the end of the examination meant for how important did it prove?

The phone call was important. Stephens had to accompany McLeery to the main prison gates. He was to see the door locked on Evans after McLeery had left the cell. It was also important for Evans.

How did Evans escape from the jail?

Evans escaped from prison in the disguise of McLeery. Evans escapes from the Oxford jail in disguise of McLeery whom Evans has made injured. He misled the officers of the prison by miss guiding them catching him. He pretended to be grogged and while the ambulance was called the cleverly flew from the car.

Why couldnt Stephens identify Evans trick?

Q13- Why did Evans request not to take off his hat? Q14- Why couldn’t Stephens identify Evans’ trick? Q15- How could Evans’ plan of escape become a success? Q16- Who was Carter?…

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Who was McLeery?

McLeery ‘s full name was Reverend S McLeery . he was a priest from st. Mary Mags .

What is the meaning of he who laughs last laughs best?

—used to say that even if someone is not successful now he or she will succeed or be the winner in the end.

How was Evans helped in preparing for the examination?

The Governor recommended his case to the examination board and he was allowed to appear for the examination in his cell only under the invigilation of a Parson from St. Mary Mags. His escape was prevented through tight security arrangements.

Where did the last laugh come from?

This expression, alluding to laughing at the loser, appeared in slightly different form in the mid-1500s and gave rise to the modern proverbial phrase, He who laughs last laughs best (or He laughs best who laughs last).

How did Evans disguise himself to look like the invigilator?

An imposter came as invigilator and smuggled all necessary things required to befool the prison officers. So Evans dressed up as McLeery, splashed blood on his face and got away very easily. Even when the Governor was able to catch him, he had another trick up his sleeves.

Who ordered Evans to take off his hat?

Jackson, a prison officer asked him to take off his hat. Evans did not obey his orders and called the hat as a sign of good luck.

Who was Jackson in Evans?

Jackson is the senior prison officer at Oxford Prison, which is overseen by the Governor. A World War II veteran, Jackson stands “ramrod straight” and displays his war medals on his jacket pocket. He and Evans are “warm enemies,” frequently exchanging gruff but good-natured insults.

What kind of person Evans was?

chronic kleptomaniac

Why did Evans not take off?

Evans said that he wanted to keep his hat on his head because it was lucky for him. It always brought luck to him. But the real reason was that he had cut his hair to impersonate McLeery and he did not want the jail authorities to know that.

Who said he who laughs last?

Franklin Pierce Adams

What was the purpose of the second call Evans?

The underlying idea behind the second call was to take Stephens away for some time so that Evans could give finishing touches to his makeup to look like McLeery.