Who is Kettler?

Founded in 1977, KETTLER is a multifamily developer, investor and property manager focused on the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. As a vertically integrated and award-winning company, KETTLER is consistently ranked among the TOP MULTIFAMILY OPERATORS IN THE NATION.

Who is the property manager at Kettler?

Mr. Grealy brings over 30 years of multifamily property management experience to KETTLER overseeing all aspects of property operations and customer/client relations. Prior to joining KETTLER, Mr. Grealy served as President of Property Management at Middleburg Real Estate Partners and Vice President of Property Management at Equity Residential.

Who is Keytler management?

KETTLER is a nationally recognized, award-winning developer of both affordable and luxury multifamily apartments and condominiums in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. KETTLER Management provides management services to over 30,000 apartment homes from Pennsylvania to South Carolina and Texas.

Who is the EVP of operations at Kettler?

Mr. Kieler earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA., and also holds a CPA certification. Prior to joining KETTLER he worked at Fried Companies Inc. with a focus on real estate development. Robert Grealy serves as EVP of Operations.

Why choose Kettler leisure and fitness?

From our outdoor play toys to our adult exercise equipment and everything in between, it is our hope that KETTLER leisure and fitness products will enhance your lifestyle. Our focus is on quality, durability and innovation so that your focus can be on using our sports and leisure products to feel better, both physically and mentally.

Was ist krafttraining?

Für Fitnesstraining bzw. gesundheitsorientiertes Krafttraining sind am be- sten das Kraftausdauer- und das Muskelaufbautraining (Hyper – trophietraining) geeignet. Beim Kraftausdauertraining wird mit leichten Gewichten (ca. 40-50% der Maximalkraft*) und einer zügigen, aber kontrollierten Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit trainiert.

How can Kettler training help me?

KETTLER training and exercise equipment will help your become more physically fit, help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system. Depending on the type of KETTLER exercise equipment you choose, you can focus on your upper body, arms, legs, stamina and overall body strength.

What kind of bikes does keykettler offer?

KETTLER has the right bike to fit your needs and the needs of every member of your family. For basic fun and exercise we have kid’s bikes, as well as women’s and men’s bikes.