Who sings the song Eight Miles High?

The Byrds
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Is Eight Miles High about drugs?

Many people believe this song is about drugs, but the band claimed it was inspired by a flight where singer Gene Clark asked guitarist Roger McGuinn how high they were in the sky. McGuinn told him six miles, but for the song they changed it to eight.

Who wrote song Eight Miles High?

Keith Emerson
Carl PalmerRobert Berry
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How high is 8 miles high?

42,240 feet
But I did some arithmetic and wondered whether songwriters Gene Clark, David Crosby and Roger McGuinn were also subtly referring to a business jet ride. Eight miles high is 42,240 feet—definitely above airliners of the time and up where the early Lear Jet 23s flew.

Who played lead guitar on 8 miles high?

Roger McGuinn
Roger McGuinn, singer-songwriter/lead guitar. Eight Miles High has been called the first psychedelic record.

Who played the guitar solo in Eight Miles High?

Throwback Thursday: Roger McGuinn Plays ‘Eight Miles High’ Solo on 12-String | Acoustic Guitar.

Did the Byrds use drugs?

Tambourine Man (by John Einarson), David Crosby commented on Gene’s departure from The Byrds. Gene’s drinking and drug use were, by all accounts, not a major factor in his life at the time, and in fact, due to his sensitive nature, he tended to shy away from drugs for the most part.

Do Planes Fly 8 miles high?

Forty-two thousand feet – or about eight miles high – is the altitude reserved for military aircraft. But Gene said eight miles sounds better than six, and it did sound more poetic.

Who sang 3 miles high?

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Who played guitar 8 Mile High?

David Crosby, singer-songwriter/rhythm guitar. Of course Eight Miles High was a drug song.

What album is 8 Mile High?

Fifth Dimension
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What type of music inspired Eight Miles High?

It was first released as a single on March 14, 1966. Musically influenced by sitar player Ravi Shankar and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, the song was influential in developing the musical styles of psychedelia and raga rock.