Why Arkel panniers?

Arkel designs and builds the finest Bicycle Panniers for Bike Commuting, Mountain Biking, Bike Touring, or around-the-world Expeditions.

What should I look for when buying a pannier?

Depending on your primary cycling style, you will likely have specific needs and expectations from a pannier. Whether you use it to commute, go shopping, or get out in the wilderness, you undeniably want to choose a model with ample storage and organization, quality construction, and useful features.

Is the Burley pannier set worth the price?

The Burley Pannier Set offers similar durable and weatherproof performance at a fraction of the price. Seemingly “cheaper” bags are often actually sold as a single rather than a set, so keep your eye out for misleading prices.

What is the best pannier for storage?

For touring panniers, the standout performers for storage are Thule Shield Pannier and the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic.