Why is Ophelia upset act4?

Summary: Act IV, scene v. Gertrude and Horatio discuss Ophelia. He says that Ophelia’s grief stems from her father’s death, and that the people have been suspicious and disturbed by the death as well: “muddied, / Thick and unwholesome in their thoughts and whispers / For good Polonius’ death” (IV.

What is Polonius plan regarding Hamlet and Ophelia?

Polonius has a plan. He offers to loose Ophelia on Hamlet while he is reading alone in the library. Meanwhile, he suggests, he and Claudius could hide behind a tapestry and observe the meeting. Claudius agrees.

Why is Ophelia upset with Hamlet?

Ophelia goes mad because her father, Polonius, whom she deeply loved, has been killed by Hamlet. In addition, Hamlet, whom she also loved, has cruelly rejected her.

What does Ophelia tells Polonius about Hamlet’s behavior?

Polonius asks her about her relationship with Hamlet. She tells him that Hamlet claims to love her. He tells her that Hamlet has deceived her in swearing his love, and that she should see through his false vows and rebuff his affections. Ophelia pledges to obey.

What frightens Ophelia?

what did Hamlet do that frightened Ophelia so badly? he stormed into her closet, looking disheveled with pale skin. he tried to grab her face to speak to her.

Who has upset Ophelia?

Ophelia becomes so upset when she speaks with her father because Hamlet had came to talk to her while she was sewing and he was acting in a strange way.

What is Polonius meaning when he utters the famous line Brevity is the soul of wit?

‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ is a Shakespeare quote that has become one of his most enduring idioms. It is spoken by Polonius, in act 2, scene 2 of Hamlet. ‘Brevity’ is the soul of wit’ means that one can say a lot more by using the minimum of language to convey something.

What advice does Hamlet give Ophelia?

What bitter advice does Hamlet give Ophelia? Why? I loved you-I loved you not–she shouldn’t have believed him. She should go to a nunnery.

How does Polonius interpret Hamlet’s behavior?

Polonius is ecstatic to believe he has the answer to Hamlet’s so-called lunacy and rushes to the King and Queen with his discovery. He has read the love letters Hamlet has sent to his daughter and has heard from her about his strange appearance, partially clothed, in her room.

Why does Polonius believe Hamlet is mad?

Polonius thinks that Hamlet is mad because he’s crazy with love for Ophelia and she is ignoring him so he is depressed. He wants Hamlet and Ophelia to meet. Polonius is going to spy on them.

How does Polonius treat Ophelia what advice does he give her how does Ophelia defend Hamlet?

How does Ophelia defend Hamlet? Polonius treats Ophelia like her feelings don’t matter, saying “Affection! Ophelia says that he’s always been honorable around her, but she agrees to obey her father.