Can military retirees stay at Edelweiss?

Yes, if you are active duty, retired or a civilian military ID card holder you can stay at the ELR once again. There are restrictions on the number of rooms available to those residing outside of the European theater. You are encouraged to reserve well in advance for the best chance to secure your preferred dates.

Can retirees use the PX in Germany?

The new Forces Customs Ordinance codifies that privilege and allows retirees to shop for non-rationed items in AAFES and DECA facilities in Germany, and pay German Customs a flat rate of duty of 17.5 percent for goods that cost less than the equivalent of 50 euro per item, Strumpen said.

Can veterans get on base in Germany?

To obtain post access and shopping privileges at garrisons within Germany, veterans must have a Veterans Health Identification Card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the U.S. The VHIC must be the newest version that displays the veteran’s eligibility status.

Can veterans get on base overseas?

One of the hurdles to using the benefit overseas is obtaining a Veteran Health Identification Card, which is only issued by the VA in the United States. The card displays the veteran’s eligibility status. Eligible veterans can sign in up to four visitors on base, Army officials said.

Why ededelweiss Lodge and resort?

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is just 56 miles from Munich and 34 miles from Innsbruck. That puts us thousands of miles from the ordinary and smack in the middle of Alpine adventure central. We’re well positioned to deliver authentic Alpine experiences for your whole family, from sightseeing and tours to more active pursuits.

What is ededelweiss?

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is an Armed Forces Recreation Center located in the Bavarian Alps of Garmisch, Germany. The Lodge contains 330 comfortable rooms and suites, campgrounds, an indoor pool and wellness center, multiple restaurants, a conference center, internet lounge, and guided recreation and tours.

Who is eligible to vacation at Edelweiss?

Active-duty military service members, retirees and civilian/military ID cardholders living outside Europe will be eligible to vacation at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany. Find a Special Offer too good to be true! Make the decision to vacation that much easier! Create memories that will last forever.

Why choose an armed forces recreation center resort?

All you need to do is turn the page. Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) resorts provide an array of affordable, wholesome vacation opportunities exclusively to our brave Service Members, their Families and other authorized patrons of the Total Defense Force.