Did they ever find Lars Mittank?

On July 8, 2014, 28-year-old German citizen Lars Mittank was at Bulgaria’s Varna Airport awaiting his flight back to Germany. Although there are numerous theories about what may have happened to Mittank, neither he nor his remains, were ever found.

Where is Lars Mittank found?

No trace of him has ever been found. Footage of his final known movements has been viewed over a million times on YouTube, leading to him being named ‘the world’s most famous missing tourist’. Mittank and his friends arrived in Varna, a city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, on 30th June 2014.

What was in Lars Mittanks bag?

Bulgarian cops later found his rucksack and suitcase containing his wallet, passport and mobile phone. The mystery has fascinated the world and clips from the terminal have gone viral. Many have since described Lars as the “most famous famous missing person on YouTube.”

What was Lars Mittank running from?

There have been many weird instances witnessed at airports, but the case of Lars Mittank is among the weirdest events observed by people. A German national named Lars Mittank disappeared in July 2014 after leaving an airport in Bulgaria.

Did they find Katelin akens?

Two days later, Akens’ suitcase was found in a Stafford County ditch, along with her wallet and identification card. Her clothing and high school diploma were missing. The case remains unsolved.

How did Lars Mittank go missing?

Mittank was vacationing at the Golden Sands resort, where he was involved in a fight, and was subsequently unable to fly home with his friends for health reasons. Mittank was witnessed acting strangely while alone in Bulgaria, and days later disappeared into the forest around Varna Airport for reasons unknown.

Was Lars Mittank found in Brazil?

He has never been found, despite millions of people viewing the Lars Mittank video online. Moments before boarding his flight back home, Mittank fled a busy airport in Varna.

What happened to Brian Shaffer theories?

Authorities Ruled Out The Theory Shaffer Might Have Disguised Himself And Left The Bar. One early theory posited that Shaffer could have changed clothes or put on a baseball cap, then snuck out of the bar with another group of patrons before closing time.

Where was Katelin last seen?

Katelin Michelle Akens was last seen in 2015 near Oak Crest Drive in Partlow. Akens was visiting family in Spotsylvania County and was scheduled to fly home to Arizona on Dec. 5, 2015, but authorities said she never boarded her flight.

Was Misty Copsey ever found?

On Sept. 17, 1992, 14-year-old Misty Copsey disappeared from the Puyallup Fair (now known as the Washington State Fair) in Puyallup, Washington State. She was meant to catch the 8:45 p.m. bus home to Spanaway, where she lived with her mother — but she missed it. She was never seen again.