Does Vine Camera still exist?

Vine as we know it is dead. Today Twitter turned off sharing, liking, commenting and revining in Vine, and released its successor, Vine Camera, as an app update on iOS and Android. It has also discontinued the Vine Windows Phone app.

What is Vine Camera?

Vine Camera is an app for iOS and Android that lets you record videos up to 6.5 seconds long. You can then post those videos to Twitter or save them to your camera roll for private viewing. Any Vines uploaded to Twitter will automatically loop.

What happened Vine Camera?

Twitter discontinued the Vine mobile app in October 2016; however, the website and the app were still available for users for viewing and downloading content but content creators were no longer allowed to post new videos. Soon after, Vine was renamed to ‘Vine Camera’.

When did Vine Camera shut down?

Then, in October 2016, Twitter finally announced that it would shut down Vine. On January 18th, 2017, Vine was officially folded. The app was eventually relaunched as Vine Camera, which hosted all the existing videos, allowing users to continue to consume the previously created content.

Can you access old vines?

What happened to Vine? As of 2019, the full Vine archive is no longer available. Content that remains on Vine can only be located by using the unique URL of the Vine account, or Tweet URL if the Vine was shared to Twitter, if it has not been deleted or removed.

Is the Vine Camera available for iOS and Android?

The Vine Camera is now available for iOSand Android! We’re excited to see what you continue to make. Create short looping videos with the classic Vine shooting and editing features and post them to Twitter (where they will also loop!)

What is a Vine video?

Read writing from Vine on Medium. Vines were short, looping videos that inspired and entertained. In Jan 2017, the Vine app transitioned to the Vine Camera app. Read writing from Vine on Medium.

What happened to the Twitter Vine Camera?

The release of the Vine Camera was met with poor reviews on both the Android and iOS App Stores. On January 20, 2017, Twitter launched an Internet archive of all Vine videos, allowing people to continue watching previously filmed Vine videos however in 2019 this was also removed by Twitter.

What is the Vine app?

The Vine app was also used to try to browse videos, along with a group of videos that were uploaded by theme, and hoping that users could “trend” videos. Vine competed with other social media services such as Instagram and Pheed . By December 2015, Vine had over 200 million active users.