How do I redirect a URL in Citrix NetScaler?

Back on the NetScaler, navigate to Traffic Management -> Load Balancing -> Virtual Servers and edit the web server vServer. Click on Add under Policies. Choose Policy = Responder. Choose Type = Request….Responder:

  1. Enter a name.
  2. Type = Redirect.
  3. Click Create.

What is responder policy in NetScaler?

If there is a responder policy, the Citrix ADC examines the request from the client, takes action according to the applicable policies, sends the response to the client, and closes the connection with the client.

What is rewrite policy in NetScaler?

When you enable the rewrite feature, Citrix ADC can modify the headers and body of HTTP requests and responses. To rewrite HTTP requests and responses, you can use protocol-aware Citrix ADC policy expressions in the rewrite policies you configure.

How do I create a responder policy in NetScaler?

In the NetScaler menu pane, expand the Responder node, and click Policies. On the right, click Add to create a Responder Policy. Enter a name for the Responder Policy (e.g. Redirect_Pol). Use the Action drop-down to select the Redirect Action you created earlier.

How do I log into NetScaler?

11.2. 1. Logging in to a NetScaler VPX

  1. HTTP. Enter IP address of LoadBalancer(, then WEB GUI login screen is displayed.
  2. HTTPS. Enter IP address of LoadBalancer(, then WEB GUI login screen is displayed.
  3. Initial Login.

What is Citrix responder?

A responder policy is based on a rule, which consists of one or more expressions. The rule is associated with an action, which is performed if a request matches the rule. Note: For creating and managing responder policies, the GUI provides assistance that is not available at the Citrix ADC command prompt.

How do I bind the responder policy?

To bind responder policy to a specific virtual server by using the Citrix ADC command line: At the command prompt, type: bind lb vserver -policyname > -priority

What is a rewrite policy?

Rewrite Policy means, as applicable, the policy of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries with regard to rewriting and/or extending Contracts with Debtors, as such policy may be amended, supplemented, or otherwise modified from time to time.

How do I pull Citrix logs?


  1. Navigate to Advanced Preferences and click on ‘Log collection’
  2. The ‘Log collection’ dialog is launched. Set the desired log level. Log level ‘Verbose’ captures more detailed logs. Click on ‘Start collecting logs’ once you are ready to reproduce the issue.

What is a responder policy?